Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mac and the driver license permit

It is done. My baby has a driver's permit. The BMV gave him one. He's allowed to drive on the roads. With the rest of us. In a car. As the driver.

We've been studying and testing from the manual for a few weeks, and especially the last few days. I think I know driving rules of the road and signs better now than I ever have, which can't hurt.

Today was the big day. Mac didn't take drivers' training at school because he missed it in the Wild West by moving and he missed it here in Civilization because it's a summer course. So it's up to his dad and to me to teach him to drive. All I can say to that is: "Oh My God."

Before he could take the test I had to provide proof of his existence, as if his 5'11", 260 pound towering and hulking presence wasn't enough. I had his social security card, his birth certificate, and his school report card. Then he took the written test, which is all that's required for a permit, and he passed!!!!! He didn't miss any questions at all. The women working told him it had been a long time since anyone had a perfect score- he even got all the feet and yards stopping and passing questions. They thought he rocked!

After a picture that looks like a mug shot (like the rest of them in this state) and indicating he wanted to be an organ donor (with no prodding from me) by telling them "Sure I'll donate it all. I'm dead. Why do I need it?", we had to drive all over town: to Wal-Mart, out to his school, through a used car lot to shop for a car for him (after having his permit for 10 minutes), and to my house. So here I am 2 hours later, a quarter of a gallon of gas less, I'm wanting a shot of whiskey but he's driving. We also got a new wallet for the permit, some starter cash (his idea, not mine) for the wallet, and a picture of the Divine Ms. K for the photo slot. He also got a key ring (Superman emblem) and a copy of the key to my car, my treat!

In 60 days, he can take the driving test. He doesn't have to take another written test or another vision test. He just had to learn to drive and then demonstrate to a state approved instructor he can, then my baby is driving.

And I'll be attending AA meetings on a regular basis,


Hecate said...

At least you can rest assured that brand new drivers have more restrictions on them now and he won't be taking off by himself any time soon!

Maggie said...

Hecate- I know! I have 60 days to monitor his progress and then when he's a new driver, there are some good rules, so maybe I can remain calm.

Bragger said...

The first time I ever saw my baby girl get in a car and drive away, I was traumatized! But relieved at the same time, since I no longer had to run the taxi service. Congratulations to both of you!

Ty-Anna said...

congrats to your son!!! So exciting get your 1st license and the freedom that comes with it!

Anonymous said...

Go Mac!

Be careful out there............p

Maggie said...

Bragger- when he can drive on his own I keep thinking I"ll be sick to my stomach while he's gone.

Ty-Anna: it IS exciting and I'm so proud of him!

P- thanks! and we will!