Saturday, August 8, 2009

Can I have a crush at my age?

So........... now I haven't gone online to yet. Because there's someone I have a crush on. I've sort of had a crush on him for awhile but I kept it to myself... I kept it to myself because I was really mean to him once upon a time. He's a nice man- a real doll and such a sexy cutie-patootie.

He's an old friend of mine. We met three years ago under circumstances that have gone to become infamous in 3 states (I am soooooo NOT kidding), and we managed to live it down- so far. Then we sort of kicked around maybe kinda seeing what would happen if we maybe sort of dated, even though we lived about a zillion states (or 2) apart. Then I was idiot because I was suffering from AlaskaSam issues (we had only been split for 3 weeks then I met this guy- which he never knew, I don't think) so I found every single excuse under the sun and listed my issues with him, some of which were extremely stupid, which made me sound like a stuck-up, persnickety, uppity bitch, and told him to jump in a lake- so to speak.

But you know what? He and I stayed friends. All this time- three years later! Because he is such a forgiving person. We've texted, called and emailed all this time. And I've been thinking of him lots over the last several months and I learned he was going to have surgery so I used it as an excuse to call him. I felt like I need one, after the royal bitch I was. And though I knew he forgave me that long ago, I still felt... guilty. So I called him. And... we had a lovely conversation Thursday night. For three hours. More than lovely, really. It was serious, fun, flirty, silly, sexy, and NICE! I made him laugh and smile, which made me feel good. And he made me feel happy- and damn it, there are so very, very few people who can do that for me these days. (Okay, and he called me "darlin' " in that sweet, sexy voice that makes me tingle- all over. He has one of the sexiest voices in history. And "darlin" is one dang sexy word out of his mouth...) And then we sent fun text messages all day yesterday, where the laughing continued.

Now, I wonder what he'll think with my big decision? Probably'll scare the shit right outta him... But who could blame him? Maybe he'll crush back... Girl can hope, right?

He's a nice guy... and I think it's high time that nice guys don't finish last.

I'm just sayin',

OH- and I know some of you are dying to know who this is... since I didn't just stick a "SAM" on him... well, he has a real name I've used here before...! *wink*


Curley said...

He sounds like a great guy. I say go for it.

Maggie said...

Curley- thank you! Wait till you read the post where i told him I had a crush on him- and what he said...

Bragger said...

Crushes at an older age are SO much more satisfying! :)

Maggie said...

Bragger- oh you are so right. I hope he "crushes" back... that would be even MORE satisfying!