Monday, August 17, 2009

Can feet actually fall off the body from overuse?

Can they? Not because of gangrene or anything disease ridden, but just... plunk, plop, right off?

I stood on my poor old dogs on Saturday from noon until 11:30 pm; I sat for 10 minutes in that entire time. I opened and closed the ice cream parlor. Then I did it again on Sunday, and I think I sat for about 30 minutes. Same time frame.

Saturday when I got home, I had "cankles"- this is the phenomenon where your ankles swell up so you can't tell the difference between your calf and your ankle. And I wore shortie tennis socks and when I pulled them off, I felt like I got burned. Well, my ankles swelled so much the sock was embedded into my skin and when removed it was like rug burn. The mark was still there on Sunday morning.

I could literally see my heartbeat in the soles of my feet after that work day.

And I have what is equivalent to pitcher's elbow or shoulder or whatever... Which has nothing to do with feet, but I just wanted to point it out, nonetheless.

And when I rubbed my feet I cried. It was the definition, true definition, of "Hurt so Good." That had to be what Mellencamp was crooning about- sore feet finally being rubbed. And once I rubbed them and cried over them, they itched like crazy. Something with blood circulation? I have no idea.

I just wonder if I'll wake up in the next day or two and find that my feet abandoned me for abuse, that they just off and run away without the rest of me. Who could blame them after the poor treatment?

In the "dog" house,


Duchess of Tea said...

Darling I hope you had a lovely weekend. I just stopped by to wish you a sunny day!!

♥ hugs ♥


Anonymous said...

Good morning,

Sorry to hear about your feet. Very painful. Mine are swollen and I have cankles due to the weight I gained back recently. They burn.

Make sure you rest and elevate them when you get home.


Maggie said...

Duchess- not so lovely a weekend, but thanks for the well wishes. I plan to be back to blog reading form in no time...

Patti- thanks for the advice. And I hope your feet feel better soon, too.

Shan said...

YOWZA! My feet haven't hurt like that since I danced in uncomfy heals all night at my 20th high school reunion. After the pain of all the little bones feeling loose and rattling around in my foot skin wore off, I had numb spots in them for weeks! Poor feet don't deserve all we do to 'em.

I hope you are wearing proper work shoes and not just cute ones. ;)

Maggie said...

Shan- my pinkie toes were numb and that's a weird feeling. And I'm wearing cute shoes that are comfy- pink Sketchers!

I bet feet would have a "hate their humans" club if possible...