Thursday, August 13, 2009

Remember Mac's magazine?

Remember when I told you that Mac suddenly started getting Maxim magazine when the video gaming magazine went bankrupt?

Well, he did. And though he could've sent in for a refund he decided to keep it.

Well! I wish the publishing company would get their collective acts together. He got three issues then it stopped. He got a letter. In summary, the letter said that since he was a minor child and since he subscribed to Maxim through a school fund raising project, the maturity content was not appropriate. So they gave him a list of other magazines to choose from. There are 5 he can choose from. And they are ALL.VIDEO GAME. MAGAZINES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My Freaking Goddess! Hello- and why in the world didn't they just do this in the first place???? Can anyone please tell me this? Exchange a video game mag for a video game mag- a direct exchange- tit for tat, so to speak, rather than tat for tits! But no, we had to send half nekkied girls, sex how tos, booze ads, and borderline porn to my 16 year old, when they could've just done this in the first place. Could they BE any more unorganized? Who is running this company? The federal government? I mean, really! Let's get this together, magazine people! It's just a freakin' magazine subscription, for goddess sake!

Seriously. I've rolled my eyes over this so many times I'm surprised they aren't stuck that way,


Curley said...

I wish they had offered me that deal, cause I would have taken that one. I did get the check, sort of. I think it amounted to about half what I had sent them origanally.

Ty-Anna said...

Wow! Definitely being poorly ran. I hope you make sure to let them know they sent your 16 year old MAXIM...ugh!

Maggie said...

Curley- yeah I thought you were robbed int hat whole mess. I would still call them or send a complaint letter for the difference because they never asked you if you wanted it, just like us!

TyAnna- I let them know alright. But gee whiz... go figure, they haven't responded to that email...