Monday, August 10, 2009

The Philosophy of Mac

Mac told me that he makes stuff up about being sick to get out of doing things- like go to school or whatever. Like most kids have done.

I told him that it was bad karma to make up things about being sick and he could get sick.

He told me that he's never been sick because of it.

I told him it was all storing up and would hit him later. I told him that all that bad karma would come back and run over his dogma.

He said if that happened, "I'll just buy a new dog."


Tense Teacher said...


And how old is Mac?

Maggie said...

Tense T- thanks for visiting!

He's 16... I know, I know....

Bragger said...

Love that sense of humor! He could be MY child. If I had a male child....

Maggie said...

Bragger-- if you want a male child we might be able to make a deal... haha!

And thanks- I love his sense of humor too. Wonder where he gets it?