Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To date or not to date with a little help from my friends

A friend of mine told me I should go on to find a man. I have no idea if that's a good idea or not. I have no idea how I feel about this overall.

It also costs money, which I don't have.

So I had a thought. Well, XRay Girl said something that led me to thinking. She said she would pay good money to hear my dating stories of "what" I meet online since I seem to have the funniest dating track record she's ever heard of. And I do seem to have... unusual... dating experiences. So her comment led me to think. I was thinking.... and I know we all get slightly freaked out when I think, but I was thinking...

What if I made it a blog project? I thought I could open a PayPal account and any reader who wants to put money in it can and with it I'll pay to be on Then I'll go on dates and report back here. I'll show pictures when possible and I could also post the "bios" of the potential victims... er, uh, I mean dates. I could also put bios on and let ya'll CHOOSE who I go with.

If nothing else, I get good blog fodder out of it. I've gone on 2 dates via the Internet- with one guy it developed into a short term relationship that lasted about 4 months and the other guy was someone I dated a few times- blogged about him in detail under my previous moniker- but he was a complete and total utter jerk. (readers from my past: think about pipe lines and men... ring any bells?)

Or I could continue to NOT date. Which is also fine by me.

It's just a thought, albeit a possible bad one.

So, whaddya ya'll think? Wanna help with this project?

Dateless in Civilization,


ProdigalWife said...

Go for it! Worse comes to worse, you can write a book on horror dates!

Maggie said...

Wife- thanks for the support! I think that would be a great book...

Ty-Anna said...

I'm intrigued! It takes a lot of cajones and emotional strength to take on but if well thought out, I think it would be an amazing adventure :-)

Maggie said...

TyAnna: thank you! I was brave enough to try it before so... what the heck. what's once more?

Anonymous said...

Sure go ahead! Ever read Middle Aged Dating? She would blog about her dates but lately she seems a

I finally went to Lane Bryant. Bought three tops. Now I just need to get the pants hemmed and I'm off to apply for more jobs.


Bragger said...

One of my co-workers and her husband met through They've been married for about 10 years, and they are very happy. Go for it!