Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Estrogen Overload

I went to see Julie and Julia last night, which was wonderful. It made me laugh, it made me smile, snort, giggle, and just all around feel good! I loved this story. It's based on 2 true stories: why Julia Child decided to become a chef and the process she went through, and the story of Julie Powell, who decided to cook through Child's French Cookbook in 1 year and blog about her experiences as she went. This was a super movie and Meryl Streep as Child's made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. And Amy Adams is delightful as always- and I can relate to her character in so many ways.

But this post isn't about my review of the film. It's about the theater going experience. I went with XRayGril and another friend- Blondie. The three of us arrived and found seats about 20 minutes before the show started. We chatted and watched people come in and... Blondie was the youngest person, by far, in the theater. XRayGirl and I ran a close second and most of the other women were in their middle to late 40s and older. And when I say women I don't mean to be sexist but there were about 100 people in the theater and we counted the number of men who came in: 6. That's right, 6 men in the whole place. I hope their wives rewarded them well for attending. :Ahem:

And as more women came in, the louder and louder it got. Women were hugging each other when they saw a friend they hadn't seen for years- or hours. They hollered at each other across the theater. They talked and laughed loudly. Sweaters were pulled out (and it was soooo NOT warm in there) and draped over shoulders. Diet Coke was flowing. White Shoulders perfume scented the air- estrogen was everywhere; you could cut it with a knife. I am not kidding. I asked Blondie and XRayGirl if they thought it would actually get quiet enough to hear the movie with the huge hen party that was occurring.

The previews started and so did the collective "ooooooh"ing and "ahhhhhh"ing. There was a trailer for the upcoming new Disney film The Princess and the Frog and it seemed a collective giggle escaped in unison from a 100 women, with murmurs of taking granddaughters to "see that one" and I even heard the words "oh so precious" bandied about. And when a trailer for a new Sandra Bullock (Sandra, please go back to being brunette!!!!!!) movie called The Blind Side ran- I think the room was crying. Over the previews. Also in unison. Do you see a pattern here? It's a good thing Julie and Julia wasn't much longer than the 2 hours running time, or the entire theater would have have in sync periods before much longer. The 6 men there probably had grown boobs before the movie was over. This was probably the most estrogen packed movie experience ever. Even more than when we all danced in the aisles and sang and the audience yelled at the screen when I saw Mamma Mia.

It was also a cool thing, because we were all laughing and amused and "aw shucks" and all mortified in the same parts of the movie. Everyone "got" it, so it was sorta fun to know I was in like mind with 99 other women. Well, fun and scary.

Over all it was a good night and lots of fun to see a GREAT film with good friends, to have some laughs, and all around be crazy.

Feelin' like a natural woman,


Curley said...

Sorry I missed that, it sounds like fun. Didn't get done with the baking till 10 so good thing I stayed home.

Hecate said...

When I first heard about this movie, I wasn't really interested, but not that I've seen the previews and such it looks like something I would actually watch!

Anonymous said...

Heard it was good! Glad you had fun.......p

Maggie said...

Curley- Wish you were there! And do you have snickerdoodles?

Hecate- ti was great! i recommend it!

P- thanks!

Curley said...

Yes I do have a few left. Call me at work Thursday before 3.

Maggie said...

Cutley- if I'm home in time i will! YUMMY!