Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Super Trooper* (yeah, I've been dying to say that!)

So, Trooper had back surgery on Friday, after our date last Wednesday. He was in the hospital little more than 24 hours and came home Saturday afternoon. And since he has to be such a guy, a macho one at that, of course, he doesn't want help from anyone and insists he can take care of himself, even though the hospital recommended he go to a nursing home for a week rather than go home alone. That's how serious this surgery was, but nope, he went home and is toughing it out. He's such a tough guy that his best buddy came to visit him the day he got home from the hospital to "help him out" and they watched a Packers football game. Only guys would do that!

And after a text message where he relayed he was barely alive and felt like he was hit by a truck (I asked Semi or pickup and he said he would let me know later... I was just curious), he seems to be getting along fine. He also offered to send me a picture of the incision, but I declined. I don't "do" incisions or anything else that could be considered medically icky. And though he did recognize I would make a lousy nurse, he inquired as to my sponge bath giving skills... Hmmmmmmm.... such a guy!

He seems to be getting along really well actually, other than it hurts to sit down, but the incision is right above his butt in the center of his lower back- he'll need a nice tramp stamp tat to cover the scar, I tease him; he's semi- amused- I think. He was actually feeling well enough to go stroll around Menard's yesterday with his dad, who drove him. (Thank goodness his dad lives down the road a piece from him so Trooper does have someone checking on him regularly).

So he's out of commission for 4-6 weeks. And no, there's no talk of another date. Other than whipping text messages back and forth, there's been no talk at all, at least via the phone. And he is the only person I know who doesn't have the Internet at home. So... I have nothing to report as to whether there will be another date or not. We didn't talk about the date the other night (which had a weirdly awkward end to it anyway) nor mentioned a future one, so I'm not holding my breath. With his back incapacitating him for now he can't drive, and I live about 4-5 hours from him, so I would have to go there to see him, which I wouldn't mind but that would throw out all sorts of other weird scenarios to deal with (visiting his house, where would I stay, his kids, he doesn't want anyone seeing him 'sick'...). Oh well! As I say when it comes to me and the dating world- doesn't really matter!

Anyway, he's getting along fine and dandy! Good for him and I wish him well!

Well wisher,

* And it's spelled differently than the ABBA song but still!

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Bragger said...

I wish him well FOR you. I really, really, really hope it works out for you.