Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh shit!

You know how I said that Sperm Donor called and was nice to me and everything? And I was being my bitchy, sarcastic self in a post?

Well.... he went to the doctor yesterday, who sent him to the local ER, which sent him to Northern Civilization to the "BIG" hospital via an ambulance. He had some sort of condition with fluid where it wasn't supposed to be. It was drained and stuff. It was pretty serious. I guess he's still in the hospital, in ICU and will be home in a few days.

This is all I know since I was getting info from Mac who was upset and still mad at me.

And I never even got out the voodoo doll. I swear.

Shit, I usually try to only throw out good karma but after today's post and this... it's like breaking 20 mirrors or something. I mean, seriously, who hasn't never said a bad word about an ex? Does this mean my karma's gonna run over my dogma? Have I really pissed off the Gods?



ProdigalWife said...

Yikes--looks like I dropped in at a bad time... Sounds rough. Wonder why he called after all this time?

Anonymous said...

I hope he pulls through. Are you going to bring Mac to the hospital? Would be a nice gesture and might calm Mac a bit. If something really bad happens to SD you won't have a guilty conscious. I'm sure your dogma is fine!!


Maggie said...

PWife- he called so we could be on the same side and double team Mac's crappy attitude of late. Sorry things aren't more pleasant here. Seems to be the way my life is going these days.

P- ya know, i hope he pulls through as well so I dont have this on my conscious, if nothing else.

And I have no plans to take Mac to the hospital. maybe if SD is still there come Friday, i will but not before then.

Oh well....

Bragger said...

Let me know how he comes out.

'Cause I might want to start saying nice things about MY ex......

Sorry....I'm just sayin'.....

Maggie said...

Bragger- well, you could try and say nice things. The nice things I said didn't kill SD but he did have to have MAJOR surgery and will be in the hospital for another 4 days.... you could give it a try... ;)