Monday, August 24, 2009


Even though I'm 37 years old and should really know better for a whole host of other reasons, I'm all happy and twinkly excited about this!

I got another blog award! thank you so much to Eejit, the blogger from Northern Ireland who has a cool photo blog called (Not Quite) A Daily Photo from Colraine. Thank you so much for this honour! I appreciate it so much! Kisses and Hugs and Cosmos to all!

And I pass this award on to Bragger at Bragger. This is a woman I admire and who inspires me. She is brilliant and funny, a fabulous writer, a biker, she's jumped outta planes, she survived marriage, she has an all grown up daughter in the military, she teaches, she has a PhD. This woman KICKS ASS as does her blog- where I learned all this cool stuff about her through her wonderfully creative, usually hilarious, sometimes poignant posts. Go read her. Right now. So I bestow this Golden Blog Award to the soon to be infamous Bragger! (I so want to meet her in person!)


Anna said...

congratulations! a great reward for a great blog :-)

Maggie said...

Anna- thank you!

Bragger said...

Back atcha, girlfriend! :) I appreciate your kind remarks more than I can say. Thank you so much!