Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trooper update

As far as when this post was written, all is well. I say this because he find dating stressful. I also say this because the other day he sent me a text message that "we have to talk." now everyone and their brother (and sister for that matter) knows "we have to talk" is relationship speak for "this is over" so I was slightly freaked out. All he told me was he was glad I was trying to be patient with him. I think all men need to know some basic rules.

1) do not say "we need to talk" unless you're ending it because that's what women think is going to happen anyway

2) do not EVER under any circumstances give a woman a piece of jewelry in a box that looks like it could be THE RING when it's not THE RING.

3) The man should have to kill the bug. It's their job.

Okay, I digress... back to the update. Trooper's recovering nicely from his back surgery but going stark raving stir crazy since he can't lift anything heavier than a coffee cup or drive or work or sit longer than 20 minutes, among other things.

This is a man who works on his house to relax. Who chops wood to relax. Who restores antique tractors to relax. Who cuts his grass to relax. And he's told to sit around and do nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Yeah, he's a little bit... antsy, shall we say?

And as for he and me (bad grammar but I wanted the rhyme), he's coming to Northern Civilization for the weekend of Sept. 11-13!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy dancing all over the dang place, I'll have you know. Can't wait to see him. The thought of seeing him makes my toes curl and I get a stupid smile on my face and fluttering in my tummy and I'm just giggling to myself as I type these words... oh dear!

So far so good, so cross your fingers. We all know I'm an expert at fucking these things up... but this time I want to do it right so... big deep breaths, relax, be cool...

Playin' for keeps,


Hecate said...

3) The man should have to kill the bug. It's their job.

I think my husband needs to understand this!! LOL

I know how Trooper feels. When my sister had her back surgery, she had the same restrictions. And it drove her nuts too!

Bragger said...

You go girl! Good luck!

Maggie said...

Hecate- men have 2 purposes in life: one is killing bugs. I'll not mention the other....right now! :)

Bragger- thanks. I need all the luck i can get.

Honey said...

Take a breath - in and out... try to relax and just wait patiently. I know it's hard to do this but you've got to pull it together and wait. If he means that much to you and makes your toes curl that much, he'll be worth the wait! Like you said, he's waited 3 years on you to get it together so just look at it as it's your turn now. :-) Good luck and sending good vibes your way!

Maggie said...

Honey- thanks for the advice. I'm breathing... I swear I'm breathing... (But- shhhhh- he takes my breath away!)