Thursday, August 6, 2009

It started as a fantasy...

Once in awhile when it's a slow day in the ice cream parlor, I make up stories in my head, of course, for the customers who come in. There's the guy who walks a poodle and stops on Mondays for a small cone for himself and a dish of vanilla ice cream for his dog. The couple who come in at 9:50 pm on Sunday nights and order huge sundaes with tons of stuff on them and they are both about 5 foot tall and are about that wide. There's the old couple who comes in and the woman wears a wig and the man tells her what to order. It goes on and on- I have a made up story or a 'fantasy' world for all of these people.

So there's a woman who comes in about 5 times a week. She is a tall- I mean tall- all legs with a great and is blond. She wears skimpy dresses with lots of cleavage, has great shoes (usually of the super high heeled fuck me variety) and always has perfect make up. She comes in with her little girl. She buys a bunch of candy and she gets ice cream in a waffle cone with a spoon and she gets her daughter a kids dish of something. They sit in the dining room and the little girl plays with the basket of toys we have and the woman, whom I'm guessing is the mother of the child, sings her songs. In Russian. Okay, when she orders she has a thick accent that is eastern European. It might NOT be Russian but...

I don't know anything about these 2 people but I've decided she was a struggling woman, an orphan with her father being part of old world USSR and just vanished one day and a mother who died of syphilis, who had a baby with the love of her life who was married and when she turned up pregnant he left her. Before the baby, she was happy being his mistress, wearing beautiful clothes he bought her, and took her on exotic trips. Now, unmarried and pregnant, she was ashamed and broke. She was poor and dreamed of coming to America to be an actress. She couldn't even afford to feed her daughter and she didn't want to turn to prostitution. In a final act of desperation she talked to a man who came from the old country she called "Uncle" to help her. He got her papers and a plane ticket. He arranged for a husband, and safe passage to the US. She came to the US and found out that she was married to an old man, who died and left her as a young Russian American widow, stranded here in the Midwest, missing her homeland, with no family and wishing she was in Hollywood.

Okay so that's all going through my head and I made it all up. I didn't know anything about her. I swear.

So, I waited on her over the weekend and giggled a bit as she left. The owner asked me what was so funny and I said something like, "I think she's a mail order bride from Russia."

The owner said, "Yeah, she's the one" and walks away. I stood there with my mouth hanging open. Wha?????????????????

So I immediately followed the owner to the back room and pumped her for information. Apparently, I wasn't too far off the mark. Truth: She was a mail order bride and she arrived in the States with the child. She married a guy who is rumored to be gay. This way she gets to be a citizen and he gets credibility since he's in a prominent position where he would receive much harassment for being gay. (I live in a small town; right or wrong, trust me on this, it would happen). Oh, and he was Amish and left the community. I don't know if he left before or after the mail order bride showed up. Or because of the gay thing. And she is from Russia.

I wonder if I write a little fantasy for myself if it would come true?


Curley said...

It's worth a shot. I would love to hear your fantasy and to hear if it would come true.

Maggie said...

Curley- too scary to put into written words, but I'll tell you in person sometime!