Friday, August 14, 2009

So... I had a date

I had a date on Wednesday night. With the guy I wrote about who was my crush. With a guy who happened to be... none other than... Trooper.

I know- you've all collectively fainted and fell over with shock that I, Maggie O'Sullivan, had a date. With a guy. And... I don't have anything bad to say about it... I know, I can't believe it either.

For those of you who need the back story, in summary, we met in the Wild West- he came out there to hunt and we met. We hung out. We went to a party. We drank. We ... well. :ahem: But timing was bad and nothing but a friendship came of it. Which is a good thing considering I was bitchy to him. And it never hurts to have friends.

We've stayed friends for three years and each time he came to the Wild West he had drinks or dinner and nothing else- just platonic friends.

But of late, we've had more contact with more texts and phone calls so we decided to have a date. We live about 5 hours apart so we met sort of in the middle and hung out.

Great conversation, great laughs, lots of fun... it was good.

And I have no idea what happens next, if anything. I think there was chemistry. I think it was good.

I am not going to over analyze this. I don't have the energy to over analyze it. And while this post about the date might seem calm, lackluster, or ever dull compared to other posts I've written about various Sam encounters, well... I guess I'm just tired of getting my hopes up so think of this as me just relaying information. Like a Twitter post: I drove, I had a date, I found a pimple on my nose, I'm reading a book, I'm breathing in and out... ya get my drift?

Still having a crush,


The Prodigal Tourist said...

Just relax and enjoy!

Maggie said...

PTourist- I'll try... but "relax" isn't a word in my vocabulary! haha! (Hmmmmm, another reason I might be single? LOL!)

Shan said...

DANG IT if I haven't had much computer time lately. Sorry for the neglect. I'm glad you had a date...always like details if ever you have some juice to share. :)

You are really getting out there lately. Good for youuuuuu. Keep up the brave work. We'll just accept that as a win and patiently wait for the next development.

Ty-Anna said...

isn't it nice to get together have dinner/drinks talk... I agree with Tourist - relax :-)

Maggie said...

Shan: give me a few more days and you might get an email... ;)

tyAnna- it is NICE. and I'm being relaxed. see, this is me being relaxed. don't i SEEM relaxed? ;) In reality, this is relaxed as I ever get, sad to say. Ask Hecate- she can testify to that. haha!