Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seeing ItalianSam... is it a good idea? Part II

Well, I think that sometimes you can go back to the past and have a good experience and other times, it's not always what you expect.

I saw ItalianSam yesterday, after 13 years. Remember my last post? Well.......... I realize the last time I saw him was 13 years ago. I also know I have changed since then- I'm obviously 13 years older, about 35 pounds heavier, and my hair is much shorter (with just a touch of silver). And I've had 13 years of life experience as a single, nomadic woman. I've learned stuff since I was 24 years old. I couldn't tell you what I learned but I know I learned stuff.

And during the last 13 years since I saw ItalianSam, he's changed too. He's gotten thinner (and shorter because he had back surgery so he really is shorter- he told me so) because of his heart problems. He's diabetic. He's patient at the Mayo Clinic for his health issues. There's more salt in the hair than before.

Conversation was odd- there was no flow- it was awkward and stilted at times. I think partially it was because we were sitting in his hotel room talking because the weather rained out our trip to the beach and it was too wet to walk around the town where he was at. But we've emailed and talked for the last three years so it just seemed strange that it was so awkward. And I'll take this opportunity to share an example of conversations: he told me all about being in college when the draft was on TV and watching to see if his number came up- Vietnam War draft- I wasn't born yet when this happened... And he outlined all his health issues, including his heart disease and diabetes. And he told me I could pick music on the radio in his car and I found a pop station playing Nickelback, REM, Green Day, etc... and he wasn't familiar with these bands, so when I hit the scan button and Sinatra was on he was thrilled. Uh, yeah. I can sorta hear what you're thinking so I'm just not gonna say the obvious, for once. I'll let you do that in the comments section.

Oh, and the question on everyone's mind: is he married? He told me is married but that he and his wife had an "agreement." Oh brother.

So, we talked, sort of, and had some lunch at Panera Bread. Then I headed for home. Weird, eh? I'm not sure I would say it was a bad day but just a weird day, an interesting day- how's that for an ineffectual description?

Life lesson learned. And I was a well behaved, good girl too.

Still celibate (<----- hmmmmm, is that TMI?),


Beth Dunn said...

You know sometimes those people are just better off in your fantasy/past....but the reality is the magic is gone. At least now you know! xoxo

Ty-Anna said...

13 years...yes makes sense a lot has changed. I'm glad you 2 got to reconnect and maybe emails with occasional face-to-face visits is what now defines your friendship.

still celibate (not tmi) :-)

The Eejit said...

I tried going back once - after about 20 years - and learned your lesson...
I don't know what she thought of me, but I certainly didn't know why I was ever attracted to her.

Best to let the past disappear into the sunset...

Maggie said...

Beth- ain't that the truth!

Ty-Anna: that's exactly what I thought. I certainly have no more "sexual attraction" there but I still absolutely want to stay friends. We maintained a friendship via email and an occasional phone call for 3 years so I sure don't want to sack a friendship at all! I'm just not sure he's going to see it that way...

Eejit- sometimes you can't go back, for sure. and you do have such nice sunsets to disappear into...!

Bragger said...

I think the past is where it is for a reason! Ha ha! But at least now you know. No more angst ... at least not that kind. :)

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello Maggie thanks for stopping by. Darling as for the photos, my photos are protected by Copyscape and they have asked for me not to give permission so that when they run a scan and find a copy somewhere it will not cause problem. I am so sorry, what kind of picture are you looking for?

Maggie said...

Bragger- you said it! Any other angst, I can deal with... haha!

Duchess: I have a very special place in my heart for heather and i loved your picture of the close up and of the heath with the flower on it and would've like to feature them in my sidebar with a link to your site! But I understand. Those are beautiful shots!

Shan said...

I totally thought of you on Wednesday but was far far away from my internet to check in. :D Thanks for taking us along on the adventure! You just never know which direction these things are going to go but it's certainly fun to read about. So juicy!! Sorry Italian Sam's new reality wasn't quite as awesome. Yep, aging bites the big one. ;)
Thanks for the b-day wishes!!