Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Visual feast of what I want

Since I wrote a wickedly long post yesterday (and if you only skimmed it now's your chance to go read it!), I decided to cheat and just make today a visual of things I want:

Dress to Thrill bath rug (and the entire Dress to Thrill Bath collection)

the perfect margarita

A pair of pink Jimmy Choos

To go on a cruise

and of course, Mr. Depp!

How about being on a cruise wearing new Jimmy Choos, drinking margaritas and eating omelets while laying on the new bath rug with JD? Ah, bliss.... What all are some things YOU want? Do tell!

A girl can dream,


Anonymous said...

My cruise has been canceled. Sniff......p

Curley said...

Here I sat making a bet with myself that Mr. Depp would be first on the list. Love the shoes. Miss you

Duchess of Tea said...

I want to be on that ship. when is it sailing? Thanks for stopping by and leaving behind kind comments, much appreciated. I noticed the change of the profile photo a few days ago, love the new Look.
Duchess xx

Maggie said...

P- WHY??????? Thats terrible!

Curley- LOL- I thought about it! I miss you too!

Duchess- I just think your blog is beautiful! And thank you too for coming by here!

And I just adore shoes and tiaras.