Friday, July 10, 2009

Retail Therapy Day 4- Why I *heart* Hobby Lobby

I love to go to Hobby Lobby even if I never buy anything. I can spend hours in Hobby Lobby just walking around, wandering aimlessly through the aisles and soaking it all in.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of a Hobby Lobby experience, I pity you. But the general idea is that it's a large craft store, primarily. And I mean everything for just about every crafter: paints, bolts of fabric, patterns, beads, scrapbook stuff, wood burning, silk flowers, jewelry making stuff, skeins of yarn, colored cotton balls, doll house kits, doll house furniture, stamps, and... and... and... everything you can possibly imagine for doing crafts and hobbies. There's even a whole row of flip flops with patterns to make your own toe topper on them- and all the stuff- feathers, ribbons, beads, sparkles, bangles- you name it, Hobby Lobby has it.

Hobby Lobby also sells unique furniture pieces and things for the home like pictures, picture frames, tchotchke, pillows, vases, faux art and the like. They also sell holiday party items, bird bathes and garden statuary, greeting cards and have a section of the store that does framing. I'm not kidding when I say this place has everything!

I love to go if I need something because they always have it. I got all my quilting supplies there. I love to go when I don't need anything. It's fun to just browse because you never know what you'll find. I am not kidding, but I have literally spend hours just walking around Hobby Lobby.

This store makes me happy. So if you've never been, find one and go get lost. Even if you have no hobbies, it's worth a looky-loo!

Crafters delight,


Jimmie Earl said...

Hobby Lobby! What a place. At Christmas time...well, don't let me near it! And...if you're in the market for a beautiful urn, Hobby Lobby is just the place to find it. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Hobby Lobby!! I had never heard of them until I moved over here. I was looking for frames and a friend said..."go to Hobby Lobby, they are just like Michaels". I walked in and my eyes glazed over! Just like way in hell!! You're right, you can spend hours in there!

Do you ahave a Kirklands? Another wonderful place. My new area is where I discovered Kohls too!

Maybe I will see if the is a Lane Bryant over here. I'm so short and fat it's hard to find stuff. Kohl's is find for tops but not pants.

Have a god weekend.....p

Shan said...

The 90% off sale is the very bayest!!! Good fine folks run that store. :)

Maggie said...

JE- Oh urns... there's a blog post there. Oh dear! And I just love Hobby Lobby at Xmas too. I should've bought that tree in the after christmas sale, but I'm still happy with my pink one!

Patti- I love Hobby Lobby way more than Micheal's! They are so not similar at all! HL rocks.

We have Kirkland's here, but ours is a small one, tucked away in the mall. But daddy-O just bought some new lamps and wall art there, and that stuff is cool. I love "decorating" type of stores like Kirkland's and Pier One.

and do look for a Lane Bryant. If you struggle with finding clothes, they are great and will help. And all their pants come in petite, average and talls!!!!

Shan- when they have a SALE, it's heavenly for sure. I get their email coupons each week, with the sale ad, and I love when there's a 40% off anything in the store coupons.

Anonymous said...

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