Monday, July 27, 2009

It's so not fair!

There's a girl who was a few years behind me in high school who was tall and blond, very pretty, a little heavy, super kind, sweet, very smart and fun to be around. She had it all: personality AND looks. She was lesbian then. She was a lesbian all through college. Everyone knew she was gay but she was never officially "out" and never wanted her parents to know because of the small town we live in and the jobs her folks had.

So after college this girl moved to NYC and worked in the fashion industry. She was gay there. Well, due to the shitty economy, she moved back to this town and managed to find work. And NOW she's dating MEN!

She and her male date came in and got ice cream. Now why in the world can't she stay lesbian because it's tough enough to find a nice single guy in town! It swear it's because she's a blond...

all the single ladies,


Curley said...

Maybe she's Bi-sexual. In any case if she isn't telling the guys she's dating, she decieving them. Not good. There's always E-Harmony. Well, maybe not.

Shan said...

Ahh Mags. I hear ya. These people are put in our lives to taunt us to bring our "A" game! You just work that brunette self to it's full potential. You know, other than that dating and fashion bit, she doesn't sound creative or funny at all. You've got this! heh heh

It's what I tell myself when I see my church nemesis anyway. Very Godly of me I realize.

Maggie said...

Curley- i thought about asking her about it, at another time, but I figured it might not be a good idea.

And no internet dating! Besides, e-harmony wouldn't take me because of the God thing. ;)

Shan- LOL, thanks for the words! haha!

And You have a church nemesis? I can't stop laughing at that phrasing. You have a blog post of your own in that comment, you Godly thing, you! LMAO! (And that's a lotta laughing!)