Monday, July 13, 2009

Weather I have bad luck or not...

I must have pissed off the weather gods at some point. I'm not kidding.

Every time I've made plans to do something this summer that involves being outdoors, the weather has threatened rain or heat and humidity so high, it would be miserable for a heat hater like me to be outdoors.

I try to not complain about the weather. This last winter was really hard on me, with the -40 degrees before wind chills that I lived with a few weeks before I left the Wild West and then having so many below zero days here in Civilization when I got home with the sort of cold that settles in your bones and makes it hard to warm up. Then the heat has been in the mid to upper 90s with very high humidity- the type of hot where it's hard to get a breath on the first try or it's so humid that you just can't get dry after a shower. But even with these extremes I'm trying to not complain because they are the ends of the spectrum and can't last forever, right?

But so far this summer, I've been stuck. I've planned the zoo trip on three separate occasions and though it didn't rain all three times, it "threatened" to- looking cloudy and was dark and overcast. And one time is was so hot, with full sun baring down and very humid that there was no way the animals would be out at all since people shouldn't even be. I finally did make it to the zoo, but it took several attempts at scheduling.

Mac and I are supposed to go to Chicago today and Tuesday and he really wants to see the museum of Science and Industry and go to Navy Pier. It's supposed to rain on Tuesday so we're going to shoot for Navy Pier before the concert today and do the museum on Tuesday and be out of the rain- I just hope the weather pattern doesn't change and drench us on both days!

I was supposed to go see ItalianSam (more about him in a post this coming Wednesday) on Wednesday and thankfully those plans fell through because we were going to a beach resort town on Lake Michigan for the day but guess what? It's supposed to rain. We re-scheduled for later in the month and I don't even want to think about the weather...

And then Saturday afternoon- my only time off this weekend- I was supposed to go to Northern Civilization to an art fair in a park but it stormed like mad here in my home town with a high chance of storms at the art show. Well- damn!

I wonder if I accidentally did a rain dance as I boogie around the living room? What did I do to incite a riot with the weather gods every time I want to be outside? I swear I didn't mean to piss off Mother Nature! Hell, I don't even like being outdoors all the much anyway, so I didn't think it was too much to ask to try and creep through a handful of days with some cool temperatures and clear skies, but what do I know?

rain drops keep fallin' on my head,

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Anonymous said...

Mother Nature must be pissed off everywhere!! I try not to complain about the heat but it's been hot as a mutha here.

Have fun in Chicago!