Saturday, July 11, 2009

Retail Therapy Day 5- Jave Hound I am

For long time readers of "Shoes/ Purses" you had to know this was coming. I was only going to write about stores in which I love to shop for non-food items but I just couldn't resist. Starbucks. I love Starbucks.

I love java, actually. Most of the time, I'm not a total coffee snob and I will drink just about damn near any sort of coffee imaginable- even Folgers when necessary. But if a Starbucks is nearby, then I am there. I LOVE my Peppermint Mocha, size venti. I love the taste and flavor of their beverages, and I especially love their espresso blend.

I love Starbucks stores: I love all the coffee mugs and bagged coffees and other fun stuff. I love the pastry and I suggest you all go- right now, I'll wait until you come back- to the nearest Starbucks and get a cherry pastry. Oh. My. Goddess. These are soooooooo good! I like all their food- including the sandwiches. And the blueberry scones are worth a taste.

I'm also a fan of the black iced tea unsweetened. That's often my summer drink choice, or my Peppermint Mocha over ice.

There's a Starbucks about 20 minutes from me and I go there at all times so I never really see the same barista twice, but there's one I go to in Northern Civilization and a woman who works there seems to be there every time I go. she recognizes me and knows my "usual."

Great, now I need to make a Starbucks run!

Caffeine Queen,


Bragger said...

I'm not much of a coffee person. A cup in the morning (maybe two on the weekends), and that's it for me.

But I'm TOTALLY WITH YOU on the Hobby Lobby thing. My Lord, I could go in there and just drop my whole paycheck.

Maggie said...

Bragger- I'm barely functional without the coffee. It was so bad, when I was teaching college, that my 8 am class students took turns bringing me coffee just to make sure I had some because I was considered "scary" until the caffeine rush hit.

And Hobby Lobby would make me go broke!