Sunday, July 5, 2009

Announcing Retail therapy week!- And 89 things you never wanted to know about me!

This week on "shoes/ purses" I'll be indulging all of you with some of my favorite retail stores and shopping experiences. There are reasons I've picked these places and I'll be happy to share why! Everyday this week I'll be writing about some sort of shop or eatery. First up will be why I have an ongoing love affair with The Dollar Tree- look for that post tomorrow!

Hope ya'll are having a great holiday weekend! Saturday brought us a much needed rain sans a storm- just plain old rain and today finds me scooping ice cream in the afternoon- not sure what tonight might bring- maybe a movie at the local film center that specializes in artsy films: the stuff that graces Sundance, Cannes, foreign films, documentaries... I might check out Away we Go there! Or I could knock off another season of House, MD... who knows?

And here are 89 things you never wanted to know about me...

1. My eye color: brown

2. Favorite car: Shelby Mustang, GT500, 1967
3. Right-handed or left-handed: Right
4. Shoes you wore today: flip flops, and Sketcher tennis shoes
5. My fears: dying alone, spiders, jail
6. Goal you would like to achieve this year: find a job
7. Thoughts first waking up: “I hate alarm clocks"
8. My bedtime: Usually between 10-11 pm when working full time; now, whenever I feel tired
9. Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
10. Single or Group Dates: no dating at all; I've given it up
11. Chocolate or Vanilla: usually chocolate
12. Do you smoke: no not really; sometimes I will be a "social smoker" but I have to be VERY drunk to do that
13. Do you sing: Yes, but not well
14. Have you been in love: yup
15. Do you want to get married: no
16. Do you get along with your parents: yes
17. Do you play a musical instrument: I took piano lessons for 3 years, on and off, so I learned enough to read music and I can plunk out notes. I really would like to learn to play well, and to play the guitar.
18. In the past month have you smoked: NO (what's the obsession with smoking?)
19: Favorite candy bar: Cadbury Dairy Milk bars
20. In the past month have you gone on a date: NO
21. All-time favorite sports team: New England Patriots
22. Ideal girlfriend/boyfriend: John Cusak or Johnny Depp
23. My best friend(s): Curley with Alaska Sam, Hecate and Philsgirl as my closest friends.
24. Do you believe in love at first sight: not any more
25. Favorite clothing brand: Whatever fits nicely
26. Dream vacation: All over Great Britain
27. My favorite singer: Billy Joel and of late Michael Buble
28. My favorite movie: Here are just a few — When Harry Met Sally, The Holiday, Love Actually, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca,
29. Have you ever fired a gun: yes
30. Do you like answering these questions: I must because I do lots of memes
31. Do you like yourself: not really
32. I am addicted to… Shoes, purses, Starbucks, libraries, Hobby Lobby
33. Favorite drink: margaritas or Pepsi
34. Do you have a crush on anyone: no
35. Are you ticklish: yes
36. Favorite ice cream flavor: this week it's a three way tie with Amaretto Cherry Chip or Drumstick, or Kettle Crunch but the stand by fav is always Mint Chocolate Chip
37. Define yourself in 3 words… fat and sassy
38. Do you believe in God: nope
39. Favorite day of the week: Saturday (if I don't have to work it)
40. Heads or tails: tails
41. Favorite author: I don't really have a favorite but I have several that I enjoy reading: Christopher Moore, Jodi Picoult, James Patterson, Sue Grafton
42. What magazines do you read: Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Taste of Home, Rolling Stone, Bon Appetite, Time, a quilting mag that I can't remember the title of
43. Sweet or sour: Sweet
44. Favorite chewing gum brand: usually spearmint
45. My hair color: auburn with some gray
46. Height: 5′ 4″
47. My heritage: Irish, Scottish, Walsh, German
48. My weakness: saying "no" and food and saying no to food
49. My perfect pizza: cheese and mushroom
50. My most overused phrase on IM: cu, idk, ru...?

51. My best physical feature: eyes
52. Do you get motion sickness: only if it's really really hot in the car or if I'm in the backseat
53. McDonalds or Burger King:
54. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton
55. Cappuccino or Coffee:
56. Do you swear: Fuck yeah!
57. Do you want to go to college: I’ve got a BS and a partial Masters so yes I would like more education. I would be a spectacular career student and get degrees in art history, anthropology, Literature of some kind, a my teaching certification, finish my Masters degree in Education, and then I think I would indulge in something to do with film, take cooking classes, photography classes, and anything else that happened to interest me like sociology.
58. Do you think you’re attractive: no
59. Do you like thunderstorms: no.
60. In the past month have you drunk alcohol: Yep
61. In the past month have you been on drugs: no
62. Favorite cartoon as a child: Flintstones? (I don't really remember!)
63. Favorite sport: Football to watch and nothing to play
64. In the past month have you been on stage: no
65. Ever been beaten up: Nope
66. How you want to die: Peacefully, in my sleep
67. Number of piercings: one in each ear
68. Favorite color: pink
69. Favorite food dish: steak or pastry or pasta
70. My parents are… my dad is living, mother died
71. Do you have children: One
72. Do you have pets: no
73. My favorite music genre: pop, adult contemporary, and whatever sounds good. But I'm going through a serious HATRED of country music right now. It makes me physically gag.
74. My favorite season: I don't have one right now. How about cool weather, but not COLD?
75. Silver or Gold: Silver
76. Who was the last person that called you: Guard
77. Are you a good driver: not sure... I think I'm a lucky driver
78. Would you rather be rich or famous: Rich
79. When I’m sad or down, I prefer to… sleep or blog or read or be alone
80. What is your phone’s current ringtone: right now the default is "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz and when Mac calls it plays "My generation" by the Who
81. The longest you’ve gone without sleeping: 2 days
82. What would you do with a million dollars: Pay off all bills, give my dad money, make a college fund for Mac and the Divine Ms K, travel, take Mac on a vacation, buy a B and B and go back to school
83. What makes you laugh: not much
84. Your favorite book: like with films, I have more than one. here are a few: Honeymoon with my Brother, The Smoke Jumper, The Kite Runner, To Kill a Mockingbird, A 1,000 Splendid Suns, A Salty Piece of Land, Lucy, almost everything by Christopher Moore
85. Most embarrassing moment: I have a few and am not writing about them here
86. Favorite item that you currently own: my laptop
87. Have you ever moved: yes lots
88. Kisses or hugs: Both!
89. Are you a very emotional person: not so much any more


Curley said...

Aww...thanks. Yes you are attractive. You are a great driver, I don't see no grey and you see lots of funny things. Why else do my sides hurt from laughing whenever we are together?

Hecate said...

Why have we never hit a dollar store when we've been out together? LOL

Maggie said...

Curely- aw shucks! love you!

Hecate- because we do other fun stuff!