Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reason #459 to not scoop ice cream for a living in my home town

I haven't live in my hometown for close to 10 years now. Oh, I lived here, sort of, for a few months before I moved to the Wild West, but I worked way up north, even north of Northern Civilization and I lived part time in an almost empty frat house then, so I basically claim I haven't lived in my home town for nearly 10 years.

And now I'm back. Working in a very public place where it seems everyone in town visits. great for the business, crappy for me.

Almost everyone is shocked to see me but most human beings recover quickly enough to cough out a polite, "Well, I haven't seen you forEVER! How ARE you?"

But there was a guy I went to High School with who came in with is family the other day. He was an asshole in HS and apparently he never seemed to outgrow that affliction.

He came to the ice cream parlor walk up window and looked me dead square in the eye and said, "What the hell are you doing in town and working here?"

My response, as I looked him dead square back in the eye, "It's part of my court ordered rehab program." And I slammed the window shut and walked away.

I'm happy to report, in his "old" age, he now sports a very receding hairline. Asshole.

I'm not drunk, I'm not drinkin',


Curley said...

Some things since HS never change. At least you got a laugh out of it.

Maggie said...

I cracked myself up, actually. Someone else waited on him and when I told HER what he said and my response, she was hysterical with giggles.

Some people... ;)