Friday, July 31, 2009

Tequila had nothing to do with it!

I didn't go spinning this morning and the tequila I consumed last night had nothing to do with it! I swear! As a matter of fact, I knew it was okay for me to consume the tequila because Insurance Barbie told me at work last night that she didn't have day care again for her boy- this was not a good week for her and day care, she said.

So when XRay Girl and I went to celebrate her passing her Anatomy and Physiology class (it's the do or die class- you pass it and you can survive the rest of the program. You fail it and you need another non medical major) so she could move forward in her radiology courses, we celebrated in style. I knew I wouldn't have to get up at 6am to spin- and no my head isn't spinning either, thankfully- so I had 4 margaritas with her. And we did have a great time laughing and being silly!

And as for spinning.... well, it looks like Insurance Barbie isn't gonna come through so I'm gonna see if there is an evening class and if so I'll either go it alone, or see if Booknut or XRay Girl wants to go. I know without a doubt, that no matter how much I love blog fodder, I will never, ever get up and go at 6 am all by myself, Just won't happen. So, I'll see what I can find out.

As for me and my Friday, I have to go ready to scoop ice cream. Well, I have to go get my car first. Daddy-O is going to take me to the Mexican restaurant parking lot to pick it up. :Ahem:



Ty-Anna said...

glad you left your car :-)

Duchess of Tea said...

Oh! darling, thank you, so nice of you to stop by to congratulate me; I share my award with you. .
Have a great weekend.

Duchess xx

Maggie said...

Ty-Anna: I try to be a responsible lush! LOL

Duchess: thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!! xox!