Friday, July 24, 2009

To apply or not to apply, that is the question

So I heard about a really good sounding job.... but here's the problem.

Everyone I know HATES the woman who runs the office where the opening is located. She is the Dragon Lady, to the point that the reason this job is even open is because it's the 4th program director she's had working for her in 5 years. She's run all of them out. The person who stayed the longest was there for 3 years and she just flat out quit without having anything else to go to, she was that desperate to escape the Dragon Lady's clutches!.

Daddy-O said he would rather I scoop ice cream than work for this woman- he knows her reputation and knows her personally.

I have a feeling I would have a good shot at the job. The money is good. The benefits are okay. The job would be enjoyable, itself and working with older people might be good for me. BUT with this woman's reputation and the warnings I've had from others, I think maybe it would be a HUGE mistake.

I know it would look better on my resume than ice cream and insurance. I know I could use it as a stepping stone. I know I haven't been offered the job so why worry until then? BUT- I'm afraid to apply that I'll be offered and it will be too tempting to turn down. I just don't know if I can work for another Bi-Polar, control freak female on a power trip who micro manages... that's what's she's been called.

Hmmmmmmm, seeing it in print like that makes me think I should just walk away now, and not apply. Or even give it another thought.

I hate job stuff. I want to win the lottery and then not worry about it!

Facing a conundrum,


Duchess of Tea said...

Just dropped by to wish you a lovely weekend darling.
Duchess xx

Curley said...

I told you what I thought. You know all the pitfalls. There still wouldn't be insurance. But in the plus column, we would be working together. Come on everyone out there in bloggerland. What are your opinions?

Bragger said...

You could always take the job and hope SHE wins the lottery.

Or take the job and hope something less pleasant happens to her.

I'm just sayin'.

Although, if my ex is any indication, those things never happen to the people they NEED to happen to.

Maggie said...

Duchess- thank you so much- you as well! xox!

Curley- I think working with you would be the BEST upside of it all!

Bragger- Some people just need killin'... I'm just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Apply for the job. If you can deal with the students and parents from the Wild West you can deal with one bitchy woman. You can vent about her here. Maybe you can tame the wild beast. On the plus side- you will be working with with your best bud!

I applied for a part time job at the junior college today and they have a couple of openings. Do you have a masters degree? There is an opening for an English Adjunct Instructor.


Honey said...

Just remember that there's always two sides to every story. I would apply for the job and just see what happens. It doesn't hurt to apply for it. You may be the ONE person that she gets along with and if not, you'll have a good paying job that like you said, you could use for a stepping stone.

Wishing you the best!