Thursday, July 30, 2009

My totally immature moment

There are times when I try to act my age. I really do. For example, in the world of teen boys, if someone uses the word "bush" like "the rose bushes on the patio need trimmed" teen boys giggle and snort and say things like, "she said bush." tee-hee hee.

But I swear to the goddess I feel like a teenage boy at work when I have to make one thing.

We have frozen bananas dipped in chocolate fudge and then rolled in nuts. I swear when someone orders is, I can't help but smile and then feel completely embarrassed while I make it and then carry it to the counter, all the way across the shoppe. I blush to the roots of my hair when I make this phallic dessert for customers. I just can't help it. It's totally Freudian, I'm sure, but I just seems to get the giggles that I stifle. Totally immature, I know.

And if you never had a frozen banana on a stick dipped in chocolate, rolled in crushed nuts to eat like a Popsicle, well... it looks like an edible treat you might order from an Adam & Eve catalog...

And conversations between a couple who came in the store like the following do not help.

Woman: Honey, I have to use the restroom. Will you order for me?
Man: Sure. What do you want?
Woman: A frozen banana dipped in chocolate with nuts.
Man: Are you serious?
Woman: (looking all innocent) Yeah...?
Man: No fucking way am I ordering that or carrying it around.

Hey, I felt for him. I didn't want to make it about as much as he didn't want to order it. Men NEVER order frozen bananas on a stick. Probably also Freudian. Seriously.... think about that for a minute, will ya?

Oh yeah, she ended up having a banana split- what the hell was up with her and bananas?

Again, I know it's immature, but I guess it's just one of those things... Maybe because I spend so much time with teenagers? And I am the proud owner of a teenage boy son?

"She said 'banana'! tee-hee-hee!!!",


Curley said...

OMG-That must be the reason I cut a banana into bite-size pieces whenever I have one.

Wiley said...

That is hil-ar-ious! Had me crying with laughter.
Hmm, perhaps I should take note - I'm always the one who drags work conversations into the gutter (and I work with a sailor)...

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine felt the same way when she bought cucumbers. After she told me that I'd chuckle to myself when I bought them!


Bragger said...

Hubby and I usually each have half a banana for our cereal in the mornings. His lewd gestures with the bananas have ruined them for me too.

Farrago said...

Heh. You wrote "nuts." Lots!

Maggie said...

Curley- your subconscious at work!

Wiley- thanks for visiting! and for commenting!

Patti- don't even get me started on cucumbers... ;)

Bragger- typical man!

Farrago- and thank you for proving my point! sheesh! :)