Saturday, July 4, 2009

The "I hate" Weekend Wasteland meme

Usually blog readership is down on weekends and I post a meme so no one misses the really good stuff I have to say (HA!), and I have a feeling this one shall be no different than others, especially since it's a holiday and many, many folks had Friday off as well. So here's a meme... and while I don't really have lots of "hate" for anything these days, I still thought I could do this and think of it as more the I "really really dislike" meme...

And thanks, as always, to Tense Teacher, the Meme Queen from whom I steal.

1. Most hated food:
cooked broccoli and cooked cauliflower! Hate the taste and smell- icky!

2. Most hated person:
I don’t think I really hate anyone, but CanadianSam is someone I really don't like on principle. And That Bitch for violating my trust. She probably comes closest to hate that I've felt for a looooong time!

3. Most hated job:
Probably working as assistant dean at a local college. I didn't like the way the company operated- I thought they were sheisty. I didn't like the job duties or my bosses and I didn't really like most of the students or my co-workers.

4. Most hated city:
Muncie, IN

5. Most hated band:
Twangy country music- anyone who sings it- and Amy Winehouse

6. Most hated (non-blog) website:
our local newspaper's website is not user friendly and I refuse to use it anymore for anything

7. Most hated TV program:
Anything that is dubbed "reality" tv. hate it, hate it, hate it.

8. Most hated politician:
Newt Gingrich

9. Most hated artist:
Andres Serrano

10. Most hated book:

Silas Marner

11. Most hated shop or store:
Walmart- even though I go there often, I'm sorry to say

12. Most hated organization:
The Republican Party

13. Most hated historical event:
The Holocaust

14. Most hated sport:
NASCAR- I insist this is not a sport; it's driving in a circle. And I know there are millions of fans who disagree with me, but it's NOT a sport.

15. Most hated technology:

16. Most hated annual event:
New Year's Eve

17. Most hated daily task:
Getting out of bed in the morning when an alarm clock goes off.

18. Most hated comedian:
Dave Chapelle

19. Most hated blog:
I don't really have a hated blog because if I hate it, then I don't read it. (Though there are things I hate on one blog I read. This person occasionally puts "Twitters" on- just cuts and pastes a days worth of twitter comments and I have no clue as to what's going on...)

20. Most hated song:
Gotta agree with Tense Teacher… “The Christmas Shoes” - I mean, how sad and depressing can you get- and at Christmas no less? And I HATE Garth Brooks's remake of Billy Joel's "Shameless." Billy J was shameless for letting that happen. *cringe*

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Jimmie Earl said...

I agree with hating WalMart. Though, since we don't have any other stores in town to shop for "everything" we have to either go out of town or go there. I abhor the way that this corporation comes into a small community and drives the local businesses out of business. Free enterprise is good, monopolies are not!
I also don't like reality TV. Stupid, stupid, stupid!