Monday, July 20, 2009

Where did the time go?

Do you ever go through a week and feel disoriented? Last week was one of those weeks for me. I have absolutely no idea where my time went. Mac hung out here with me most of the week, we made the roadie to Chicago so I know that killed two of my days, I worked a bunch of hours between the ice cream parlor and the insurance office but in between that stuff, I have no idea where my time went, other than job hunting, hunting, hunting which is depressing and TIME CONSUMING! I cooked, cleaned and did laundry. I am certainly no busier now than I was when I was teaching full time, grading, directing school plays and running the SAT workshops. Even when I was doing all that I still found time to work a part time job, read books, watched a movie here and there and read blogs every day. This last week, I couldn't find time to do anything but the aforementioned stuff.

I didn't have time to watch any movies or TV, I barely read a book this last week and I've hardly had any time to read blogs- I didn't even nap my week away! I even have an inbox full of email to answer. I LOVE reading blogs and I want to stay caught up with my 'peeps but this last week the time just got away from me. So to all, I haven't been ignoring you, I've just been... out of sorts I guess.

I'm hoping this week gives me a little more equilibrium. Today is shot- I work ice cream all day but the rest of my week should smooth out. I should have time to read some of the wonderful new books I checked out from the local library (it's like Christmas! I gave the library a list of recommendations of 10 titles, and five came in so I was the first to get them!!!) I think I can also get caught up on all my blog reading!!!! It seems like everyone posted in the last 2 days!

I feel like I should set up a schedule of my free time, around my work hours. I used to be the Queen of Organization, with sticky notes and planners and blocks of time allocated for everything, but of late, time seems to fly by. Seriously, I think it's only 3 in the afternoon but I look at the clock and it's 7 pm! I think I keep hoping some job is going to open up or I want to remain flexible for interviews, but alas- that is just a sucky option cuz it just. doesn't. happen.

Though if I think schedule-wise, my Tuesday is free other than a few hours in the evening for insurance. Wednesday is ruled out since that's a day with ItalianSam. Thursday is free other than 2 evening hours with insurance. Friday I work no where but Hecate is coming to MY HOUSE (whoot whoot exciting!) and we're going to make quilted hipster purses and chill out. So.... there's time in there to read blogs, answer email, do laundry, see Mac, read books, and send out more of the freakin' sucky applications/resumes, right?

So, this week I vow to get my act together, read blogs and books daily, and straighten my act out! It's bound to all be better soon, right? I committed to an audience that I would accomplish stuff, so now I must- you guys can keep me honest, okay? Sometimes I need a Jiminy Cricket!

Outta my head,


Anonymous said...

It's funny how time slips away. I do the same thing. I don't do anything and always seem to run out of time!! I tell people I was more organized when I worked. Hell, I worked forty hours a week, grocery shopped, took care of my mom, was president of a local union, VP of a volunteer group. cleaned house AND still had time for TV and Netflix!! Whew....that tired me out!
Oh...........and gained 25 pounds. I need to get back to work so I can get other stuff done!


Bragger said...

I know exactly what you mean. I'm in that only-a-few-days-left-of-summer-vacation-so-let-me-cram-everything-I-can-in. Good luck in the job hunt!

Beth Dunn said...

I know I have a million things to do that never get done and I feel like summer is almost over-sad. xo

Curley said...

It's cause of Day-Light Savings Time. That and a friend that takes up all of your Saturday with rummage sales, lunch and shopping.

Maggie said...

Patti- that's just what I was trying to say- I used to do tons of stuff and have time for fun and now i can't even remember what I did and have no time for anything... weird!

I should come for a visit and we could work out together for a few weeks!

Bragger- thanks for the luck- I can use it! And I hope you get all your stuff done so you can hit the school year running!

Beth- enjoy what's left of your summer!

Curley- okay the stuff with my Friend is the fun part! ;) And if we can blame my weirdness of Daylight Savings Time, can we blame my jobless state on full moons?