Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tids and Bits

  • For the third week in a row Mac and I have been rained out of going to the zoo! Today would've been perfect but it's raining. So, we're going to try again tomorrow! The forecast says sun but since this is the third time- well, I guess anything could happen!
  • Spent yesterday hanging out with Hecate. She seems to being feeling great after her surgery. We brunched, shopped, and talked- AND, I for one, had a super duper time. It'd been months since we'd done anything so this was fab! And everyone send her happy thought because she's interviewing (on Monday) for a kick ass full time college teaching gig in a business department! I have my fingers crossed for her!
  • I've been watching the television show House. I'd never watched it before until Mac insisted on watching a marathon of it on the USA network. I was going to read but I found myself watching more than reading and became addicted. So we decided to rent season 1 but the video store didn't have it. They had season 2 but it was out so we rented 3 and 4. I want to watch seasons 1, 2 and 5 before season 6 premieres. Good stuff!
  • On Monday was the 6 year "anniversary" of the passing of the great Katharine Hepburn. While I'm a huge Audrey fan, I also love the great Kate as well. I'm in the middle of reading her memoir right now, actually. But anyway, not only do people miss Kate as an actress but as a brownie maker. She was a chocolate lover and she loved to make brownies. Here's her special recipe if you want to have a go!
  • I might get a wild hair and head to the late showing of Public Enemies tonight since today is the premiere and it stars- none other than Mr. Hottie, Sexy Johnny Depp. Yum!
  • Last night was my favorite insurance telemarketing night of all nights because... I didn't have to make any calls! We purchase lists and I had called all the ones we owned so I did filing and data entry instead! Yahoo!!! Not one person hanging up on me or yelling! It was awesome.
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Bragger said...

Sending warm thoughts Hecate's way.

And yours too, for giving me that brownie recipe. I may actually have to turn on the oven.

Where's the oven?

Maggie said...

Bragger- thanks... and the oven is that big box looking thing in the kitchen- not the one that's cold inside, but the other one... :) let me know how they turn out!

Hecate said...

Yesterday was a fricken blast! I could have talked till the store closed! We have to do it again very soon!!!

Ty-Anna said...

HOUSE!! Love it :-)

Beth Dunn said...

I've read about Kate too. She was a strong women. Very pretty. I also love Audrey. Watch her movies all the time. Have a happy 4th! xoxo

Maggie said...

Hecate- yes we do!

Ty-Anna: I have no idea how this show has been on for 5 years and I just now found it!! But I'm glad I did!

Beth- both Hepburns are wonderful! Happy 4th to you as well!