Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I guess they do put ANYTHING in ice cream these days!

We have lots of great hard ice creams and one that is especially popular this season is a gourmet flavor from a company called Ashbys, and the flavor is called "Berry Potter." It's described on a company flier as being "a creamy vanilla magically swirled with delectable berries and small bits of crunchy muggle."

So a grandma comes in with her grandson who looks to be about age five. She read every single flavor name of ice cream to him and describe what each kind was. When she got to "Berry Potter" she exclaimed: "Oh Johnny, I bet you'll love this one" and she told him what was in it.

His little eyes got as big as saucers and his little lip quivered. He cried out: "I would NEVER eat ice cream made of .... PEOPLE" and the tears flowed.

He was so upset he wouldn't eat any ice cream at all and grandma had no clue why he was so distraught. When I told her that in all the Harry Potter books, 'muggles' were actually people who were non- wizards (basically regular old humans) she was mortified. He cried harder and they left.

I couldn't help but giggle. I know I'm terrible!

I wonder what he would've thought about the flavor we have called "Superman"?

Muggle eater,


Ty-Anna said...

first for whatever reason I can not explain, that sounds DELICIOUS but what are the muggle pieces???

Wow I'm surprised the little one was THAT upset, I know my girls at that age would have said SWEET spoon it up, well the oldest would, the youngest would have said YUCK BERRIES!! - haha

could you send me a tub please?

Shan said...

Hahaha. Bits of Muggle. :D I love HP. Can't wait for the movie coming up!