Friday, June 26, 2009


So I've realized I want to teach.... all the time because I like kids, I like educating others, I'm good at it and.... OMG- I like it. And while I'm walking on the ledge right now, I'll even admit I LIKE middle school kids lots. And no, I swear I'm not drunk; I'm not even drinking. Now that I've had this life altering blast of lightening after 9 years of combined high school, middle school and college teaching, and I should have some direction, I can only ask myself: "Now what?"

1. teach at private schools (boarding schools) because most of them don't require teaching licenses

2. Keep doing what I'm doing and enroll in school to pick up my certification

3. Keep doing what I'm doing and finish my Master's Degree so I can teach college

4. Apply for a bunch of jobs in a state that just riffed over 200 teachers and hope some school system might hire me on an emergency cert...

These options suck.

Bragger- hire me, please!

Teacher wannabe,


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered teaching English in China?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Does each state require a license? Is a license and a certification the same thing?

Is there a national certification in teaching?

Glad you realized what you want to do!! Wish I would.


Maggie said...

TM- considered it yes, but I think that's not for me right now, not until Mac graduates from HS

Patti- Yes, each state does require its own license and certificate and license are synonymous. As far as I know there is no national certification...

And you'll find it. I really think I would be GREAT at running a B and B but i have no $$ for this adventure. And I'm a perfect choice for being a woman of leisure but the pay in that sucks. ;)

Hecate said...

Too bad you can't find some place that will give you the emergency certification and also pay for you to get certified! I wish there was a way I could help you get the T2T.

Maggie said...

Hecate- that would be great- on both counts! :)

Bragger said...

Do you have a certificate in ANY state? Because some states have reciprocity with others. Check into it.

There is national certification, but it's harder to get than my doctorate was. Well maybe that's not accurate....not harder, just a pain in the #$%.

Check out some online teaching possibilities.....

Good luck, girl! You can have my position in 540 school days, if you move to Georgia...

Maggie said...

Bragger- I have no certificate in any state at all. My Wild West one was just a temp. 3 year certificate and it was only good in the surrounding states and since I knew I didn't want to stay there, I didn't know through the process to get a permanent one.

And I had no idea there was still a national certificate- I couldn't find information about it...! Thanks for that tip- I'll at least look at it, even though it doesn't sound pleasant.

I'll look at more online schools. I've been looking but so far most require a Masters degree, which I'm 21 credits away from.

thanks for all the tips and help- I really do appreciate it!!

BTW, in just 540 days? It's not like you're counting or anything! :)