Saturday, June 27, 2009

I no longer EnV CrackBerry users

Last week I got my second replacement BlackBerry. I just got my first Blackberry back in January of this year and I've had nothing but problems with it since day one. I've had very problems with it: wouldn't sync with my laptop, wouldn't connect to the WWW on the device, the email wouldn't work properly, it would freeze on a regular basis and I spent more time taking the battery out and putting it back in than I did using the Crackberry.

The newest replacement and the newest problem is that it shuts itself off and turns itself back on about every 3 minutes and has done that for a week.

I finally cracked up a bit when I called VerizonWireless. Let me tell you how badly this situation had gotten: I had the name and personal phone number with her extension and her personal email of a VZW technician who's been helping me with the mess that was my CrackBerry.

So I called her on Friday and finally said this was it and I hated it. I said if VZW wouldn't fix it, I was going to refuse to pay my bill and file daily complaints daily and with the Better Business Bureau until they were sick of me. She felt badly and thought I should be finished with Blackberry products. So she put me on hold and when she came back, it was all fixed.

The company is sending me a phone called an EnV2. I realize there is a phone called the EnV3 but since they were making exceptions they couldn't upgrade me to the "3". I guess the EnV2 is the Lg version of the Blackberry Curve and will do everything the Blackberry Curve would do except sync with Outlook- BUT my Crackberry Curve never would sync so I have no idea what I'm missing there.

So on Monday via Fed. Ex. I should be receiving my new EnV2 . So I guess we'll see what happens and if it functions well, like my old Strawberry Chocolate did, or if it turns out to be a piece of crap like my Crapberry... Cross your fingers that this phone functions properly. Either that or I'll be melting down.



Hecate said...

You can't surf the web like you did on your crackberry and you can't get your email like you did on the crapberry. It's not a smart phone, so I'm not sure why they told you it was the equivalent.

I have an enV2 and I love it. Hopefully it will be what you are looking for.

Maggie said...

Hecate- All I know is what they told me. I guess if i pay for the world wide web and email service and then download the software onto the phone then it does the same thing, I guess. Actually, I could care less at this point about email and web service on my mobile- I just want it to stay on and actually let me make and receive calls, and text, use the calendar and alarm clock, then I'm happy! :) Even all that would be a be a good change of pace.

Hecate said...

Then that's the perfect phone for you!