Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Whoot-Whoot Post

BIG, loud Whoot-Whoots to all of the following!

  • To Hecate for surviving surgery like a champ and for getting all better, even though it's a slow process!
  • To Philsgirl for finally getting the hell out of the Wild West and moving to a place in her beloved mountains, building her new house and just generally being happy with life again!
  • To Daddy-O for getting on a plane and flying across the country even though it scares him!
  • To all my teaching friends in real life, and in bloggerville, for surviving yet another school year!
  • To my best girlfriend Curley for putting up with me- that's a feat in and of its self, and for all her marvelous help yesterday! Thank you with big wet kisses! And for all the laughs... I think the woman we sacred at Wally World is scarred for life!
  • To Mac for staying on top of the lawn mowing- looking great and not so much "Jurassic Park" anymore!
  • To all the people who are followers of my blog- now, that is sooooo cool- thank you! (And to those who aren't followers *sniff, sniff* but read me anyway *sniff sniff* What's wrong with you people? Why aren't you following? *sniff sniff* I'm not giving you a Cosmo! So there- pffffffffffffttttttttttttttt! Oh you know I love ya all, whether you follow or not...)
  • To the local video store for the special prices on new releases allowing me to see about 9 movies in the last 2 days for less than $10! (and review them all at my movie blog...)
  • To all the people who comment on my blog- thank you! I'm such a comment whore and love love love to get them! (as long as they aren't mean comments, that is...)
  • To Wally World for having herb seeds and potted herbs on sale, really cheap!
  • To birthday cake or wedding cake, even when it's not my birthday and I'm certainly not getting married... but I love the cake any old time
  • To the person who signed up 4 cars, a farm, a life policy, an antique car and umbrella policy all because of my telemarketing call.... Maybe I won't get fired after all!
  • To everyone who is playing along with the "caption this photo" on my photo blog.
  • To peasant blouses, long necklaces, scarves....
  • To Nelson's Port A Pit BBQ chicken- OMG, it's to die for! (If you live in the Midwest and the states that surround Civilization, you've heard of it!) I've craved it for three years...
  • To sunny days that I thought would never come after the long hard winter
  • To my new sleep mask. Sleep, a blessed sleep...


Curley said...

I did not "put up" with you. I had a blast and we got so much done. I am sure that the lady at Wally World and met more weird that we. Well...maybe not. Love ya.

Bragger said...

You're a hoot! I love reading your blog. Maybe we'll meet and have a drink someday.....

Maggie said...

Curley- we rock! love you too!

Bragger- thanks! and we totally MUST meet for a drink ASAP! I would love it.