Sunday, June 28, 2009

They Like me, they really like me!

OMG- my first blogger award!!!!!!!! Now, how cool is that? I could go on and on and thank all those who made this possible and... well... as I told The Prodigal Tourist and his wife who presented me with this lovely award, I would be one of those Academy Award winners the orchestra would cut off and they would be forced to go to commercial because I would never stop gushing...

TPT thinks I have a good attitude- so thank you!

I want to pass the award on to:
  • Farrago for always being an honest blogger that makes me laugh, sometimes in spite of myself!
  • Tense Teacher who tells it like it is and stays human at the same time
  • Ty-Anna for always finding the good side of everything, and helping me see good things
Again, thank you TPT for this award!


Farrago said...

WOW! Thanks! I finally got an award from somebody! (so where do I send the check again?)

And I really feel like an influence: you're reading Konrath, and you're an Event Chaser!! Seen a show, yet?


The Prodigal Tourist said...

Well done (how's that for short?).

Ty-Anna said...

thanks! and congrats!!

Maggie said...

Farrago- you're welcome. and no show yet but I'm waiting! ;)

PT- thank you so much- you rock!

TyAnna- you're welcome and thanks!