Saturday, June 20, 2009

Face Lift

I loved my old blog template, all the frills and pink and shoes and purses... but it was just not always practical. It was a simple 2 column template and I really needed more because I love putting stuff in the sidebar, but with only 2 columns- one of which was blog text- made it very long and rarely did anyone take the time to scroll down to see it all.

So I was telling my friend Hecate this, and lo and behold, the woman is fucking mir-ACLE worker- tickle me pink and call her Anne Sullivan- because she found a three column template still keeping with my shoes and purse theme. Not only is it zingy, but it's three columns, plus some extra! I have all that space in the sidebar, BUT I also have three columns across the bottom of my blog to put things! As Hecate says, it's like getting a brand new purse with all these wonderful little compartments! OMG - she is so right!

After she helped me operate on my blog, I mentioned how it would be completely perfect if the the sides could be pink rather than purple. And Miz Whiz Bang Super Genius that she is turned it pink for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh.My. Goddess- it's completely perfect! Just adorable for this season!

Now, I'm working on adding all my widgets back, which is time consuming. I did the easy ones first. And I've re-arranged them, moved them around until I'm finding a blend that works. I like having my reviews at the bottom, and I'm going to add a photo slide show there, which should be fun, at least for me! So, I do promise to have all of your blogs added back and linked in the next several days.

So hang around, have a Cosmo, buy some shoes- hell, buy me some shoes- and keep reading and watching!

And a HUGE super thank you thank you thank you to Hecate for glamming me UP! You rock girlfriend! Whoot Whoot!



Curley said...

Love it so far. Except, (You knew I'd have one) the comment section for each post is at the top. If it's a long post we have to scroll all the way back up to comment. I guess we'll just have to live with it. Love the top and all the extra space.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very cute. I like the comments at the end myself!


Hecate said...

Hey I figured out how to change the white background to something else. Let me know if you want me to change it to a lovely pink for you.

Still trying to figure out how to move the comment link to the bottom.

Maggie said...

Curley- glad you like it. It never dawned on me about the comments thingy being at the top... hmmm.

Patti- thanks! And I think the comments thingy has to stay at the top. Oh well- people's fingers will get a workout when scrolling- LOL.

Hecate- ah you might be the answer to the viewing public's prayers! if the comment link could be moved that would be cool, but I have a feeling it's tied into the date, labels, and post titles. I wouldn't care if the labels are moved but the date and title would have to stay at the top... oh who cares? LOL!

And let me think on the pink instead of the white. I wounder if that would make the text font look darker? We can chat via phone, email or MSN!

thank you again for the beautiful new template- I LOVE it! I still think you hang out a shingle... ;)

Curley said...

The pink backgroung makes is easier to read. Less glare.