Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another damn dream (or is it a nightmare?) with a different type of snake

Okay, here's another dream. I thought I'd just throw it out for more blog fodder. In this dream I'm living in Dublin.

I'm sitting in the bar called The Library Pub, a wonderful and quaint little pub in Dublin (it's a real bar, not just in my dream). I'm curled up in a corner, sitting on a couch, grading papers. I'm drinking a Bulmers Cider. I look good- my hair is longer again and to my shoulders. I have on textured tights (all the rage in Dublin), black knee boots, a short gray skirt, a white shirt with a black sweater vest. I look very teachery but sexy at the same time.

And then in walks AIISam... remember this is a dream, folks! And we have this conversation:

Sam- "Uhhhhh, Maggie? Maggie, is that really you? What are you doing HERE?"
Me- having a drink and marking papers. (barely looking up at him)
Sam- Is this a holiday? Wait... marking papers? (and he looks pretty confused, stunned, a bit pleased and just shocked) You're in Ireland! Why?
Me- Yes. (and I just stare at him expectantly)
Sam- why are you marking papers? What do you mean marking papers? (And he sits down, or more actually, sinks in shock, into a nearby chair)
Me- I'm a teacher and this is what we do.
Sam- you're teaching? here in Dublin?
Me- yes (and I smile coyly and down the rest of my drink)
Sam- how did that happen?
Me- Well, you remember the woman I met on the plane on the way to Milan who was a teacher? We exchanged info and she called me to say her school wanted to hire an American for a year and one thing led to another and here I am.
Sam- how long have you been in Dublin?
Me- Since mid July
Sam- (in a totally shocked, stunned and hurt voice) You've been here three and a half months and you've never called me? never contacted me? Nothing?
Me- (in a really shitty, cold voice) You are kidding, right? You made it completely clear that you wanted nothing to do with me- no emails, no calls. Hell, you didn't even let me know if you got the package I sent all those months ago like you promised. Do not even act like this affects you.

I then told him I needed to leave so I collected my stuff, said goodbye and I went into the backroom of the bar and hid in another chair. The waitress brought me another Bulmers and wouldn't take my money. Apparently Sam checked to see if I was really leaving. He walked over and said he was sorry. We had a bit of small talk about teaching and his job. He also asked if I was doing any traveling and I told him about several trips into the country and about visiting several blog friends throughout Great Britain, as well as going to Northern Ireland to see another blogger. He wanted to know how I found living in Dublin and that he couldn't believe we hadn't run into each other and he exclaimed:

Sam- I'm sorry. But you're here and if we lived in the same city, then we wouldn't have had to break up!
Me- I don't believe that.
Sam- I'm sorry. Can I buy you a drink? Would you like to get dinner? We can catch up.

And then I wake up. I'm not eating leftover Chinese food before I go to bed anymore.

These dreams go on when I close my eyes,


Hecate said...

Sounds to me like you were finally getting some type of closure. Since you were never really able to talk to him in real life about what happened your subconscious took over to help ease your mind.

Maggie said...

Hecate- I like the way you think; better than what I thought of, for sure!