Monday, June 22, 2009

Am so not Twitter-pated

I don't Twitter. Until this week I wasn't sure what Twitter actually was except I knew I didn't want to know what Ashton Kutcher had for breakfast- whoopee shit.

Twitter is a real time messaging tool for socializing; you can send these messages via email or BlackBerry (or other hand held devise similar to the CrackBerry). People can subscribe, like a blog, and get a message alert on their PDAs or in email or just at the Twitter web site. People can send messages up to 140 characters. So in theory, I could send a message that says "Just ate bacon and oatmeal for breakfast; drank 2 mch coffee". Then everyone who subscribes to my feed would get this message and can respond. Who in the Hell wants to know what I ate or that I'm driving to work or that I'm scooping too much ice cream? Who cares about that stuff?

But on the other hand, I blog and I'm amazed that people read me on a daily basis. I'm thrilled and happy that you do read me- I'm most certainly not complaining, but if people read my blog then people might want to read my Twitter. And here, I have about 50 people who read me with regularity, and back when I had a previous blog under a previous moniker before ThatBitch outed me to the entire town of Wild West and I had to shut it down, I was having about 1300 readers a day there. So... to Twitter or not to Twitter is the question. I guess I could send out a Twitter to get people's opinions...

Time Magazine had a huge story about Twitter. I don't really agree with the article- I don't think this will change how people think. I think it's a phase. I'm probably wrong, but I think it will be another pop culture phenomenon like the Rubik cube or pet rocks.

But I'm struggling because I haven't Twittered so I'm not sure I'm completely educated about whether I should be against it or not. Look, part of me wants to Twitter because I want to be part of a wave, a new craze, maybe something that is going to be a firm and solid part of our future. On the other hand, if it's a phase, I can live without it. I don't want to be just a band wagoner. I don't want to have one more thing to maintain. I don't even have a Faccebook because I don't want something else I feel like I have to check and write on every day (and fear of rejection and nasty comments left by mean people, and because I don't know how to do it are two other additional reasons for my lack of Facebooking.).

I started blogging a little more than three years ago, and I guess that was when blogging was at its peak, but I didn't know it. I started blogging because a Sam told me I had writing talent and I should do it- he showed me how to get going. It was only months later that I discovered I was doing something that was considered a new craze in technology. Will Twitter be the same thing? Will I miss being part of something that I'll end up doing in another year or two anyway?

I've tried to follow a few blogs that post Twitter threads all day and I just don't get it. And I don't care. I'm not down on people who Twitter- actually, I don't even know anyone who does Twitter. And I'm not anti- technology. I have a DVD player, a laptop, a cell phone which is a BlackBerry no less, and an mp3 player, specifically iTunes. And I like all these things. I like downloading music and listening to a streaming radio station. I like watching TV online, and I like blogging. BUT I am not about ALL things that are technology. I have no desire to own a Kindle, for example. I just like my books as paper. Another new wave of the future- I don't want to Facebook or MySpace. And finally, I don't want to Twitter.

But if any of you Twitter, please let me know. Explain it to me. Teach me. Make me knowledgeable. Tell me what I'm missing.

Not a Twitter-er,


Curley said...

I don't know much about Twitter, but it sounds to me like texting but not just to one person. Very limiting. You're too good a writer for that. Besides you don't have time for one more thing.

Hecate said...

Actually you do know someone who twitters, me!

I only "follow" those I know in real life and it's interesting to see what they are doing. Makes me feel like I'm there, especially my friends that live in Michigan and I can't see them as much as I would like.

I've also made it so only those who I approve can follow me so I know exactly who's reading my "tweets" (that's what they are called).

You're not alone in not wanting to be part of it. My hubby flat out refuses to do anything twitter-facebook-myspace related!

Anonymous said...

I don't Twitter either. I signed up to see what it was and started getting all these emails saying "hi, I'm following you". I didn't want a million email so I canceled the service. I really don't see how it helps with job searches and that. Hell, I don't even have a blog. Just like to read them!!


PS I wish I was eating bacon for breakfast!

Ty-Anna said...

Like every other social site out there its for some and not for others. I love twitter personally and if you ever sign up let me know I will be glad to help out!

there are settings and controls that will keep from having too many people trying to follow and also to stop emails so your inbox isn't overrun, lol....

but many are wondering if its for them ... I follow many bloggers whose blogs I LOVE to read and they post when they blog w/links on twitter and many become blog groups together and talk about writing, books, authors, movies whatever you like...


Maggie said...

Curley- thanks for the compliment about writing... and i have no idea how i'm too busy since i have 2 part time jobs but you are SO right!

Hecate- thanks for even more information. Those details are the ones you can't find out unless you sign up I guess! And I get where your hubby is coming from- obviously!

Patti- see I'm clueless too! (And I wish I was really having bacon for breakfast today- I think it'll be more of an egg mcmuffin!)

Ty-Anna: see there's cool stuff right there that would interest me but again, I didn't know about it. And the limits are great, too. See real people like you and hecate need to promote this service rather than celebrities and I might actually find it interesting enough to participate in.

I'm still thinking about it and you and Hecate have sure given me some reasons why it would be a good thing!


Bragger said...

Resist the Twitter, resist the Twitter!

I am like you -- I really don't care what anyone has for breakfast, and I'm pretty damn sure they don't care that I had a half a grapefruit sprinkled with Splenda.

I resisted Facebook forever, and I finally joined. One of my friends said, "Oh it's addictive, you will be so sucked in!"

I thought she was talking about liposuction, so I joined. It is only addictive if you don't have a life.

Maggie said...

Bragger- I don't like grapefruit. ;)

And while I don't have much of a life, I completely understand!