Monday, June 8, 2009

The Raspberry Post

I'm blowing huge raspberries to the following!!!!

  • To Lily Pulitzer for not having plus sized clothes
  • To people who are rotten to the core toward tele-marketers
  • To a woman in Alaska who's married to my husband... hey, I'm just sayin'!
  • To Verizon Wireless for their super sucky service and my Crackberry never working and they won't fix it. Does everyone else with this piece of shit device have to take the battery out and reset it 3 or 4 times a day to make it work?
  • To my ex-husband the Sperm Donor Asshat- oh he hasn't done anything of late but I still hate him and don't want to miss an opportunity to point that out
  • To the bitch who cut my hair. There's cute pixie then there's a Marine high and tight- and I am now going to have to wear a hat or a head scarf for the next 3 weeks- it's either look like a fat Marine or a cancer patient. I'm not making fun of cancer patient, swear to God, but that's what I look like in hats now.
  • To AII Sam. I know, I haven't heard from him since it ended but I'm just pissy right now and wish I was in Europe, and I'm irritated about men.
  • To Grey Goose for being so expensive because I really would like a bottle of it right now.
  • To one of the wacko partners who is a part owner of the ice cream shoppe who came back to work and caused me to get my hours cut...


Hilton said...

Love your blog design. On holidays in Ireland at the moment.....I spotted that you like Irish maybe time to move on?
Anger we have to express and understand why?

Maggie said...

Hilton- thanks for visiting and glad you like the design- me too...

And thanks for the interesting advice. As a new reader you don't know the ends and outs, but I still love Irish men because the Sam I'm angry as was an American living in Ireland... And isn't anger one of the steps of grieving? Gotta work through a bad relationship, each in our own way!

And who does NOT love Irish men and those adorable accents?

Hope you have a wonderful holiday. If you get into Dublin, make sure you see Christchurch- it's stunning! (I liked it better than St. Patricks!)

Hecate said...

I'm curious, what does Verizon say when you call them and express your concern about the issues you are having?

Maggie said...

Hecate- oh they say since I'm running on extended network I have to call to have them "fix" it when I'm actually IN network. And I can't call from the cell phone its self... they are idiots.

Or they say they have no idea why my phone does this and no one else seems to have this problem.

Grrrrrrrrr... the Blackberry was a HUGE mistake- stupid me!

Laura said...

hey maggie! great blog! i'm one of the designers from print nest-so glad you enjoyed it! how'd you find us!



Hecate said...

I wonder if having your number changed from a wild west one to a civilization one would help?

Maggie said...

Laura- Thanks for visiting! And I do love all the beauty and ideas on your blog- I found you by clicking "next blog" one day- yours came up!

Hecate- i hope it will help!