Tuesday, June 9, 2009

8 is enough... or is it? A meme!

Thanks to Ty-Anna for tagging me for this fun meme!

THE RULES: Mention who tagged you. Complete the list of 8’s. Tag 8 other people.


  1. Finding a full time job
  2. taking Mac to Chicago this summer for a few days
  3. meeting ItalianSam for dinner in a few weeks when he's in Civilization on business (after my horrid haircut has grown out some)
  4. having enough money after the garage sale to get a pedicure
  5. my Verizon contract ending on my Crackberry (it's 1 year and 6 months away, but who's counting?)
  6. getting my world's largest rummage sale done and over with
  7. winning the lottery and spending the money and giving some away
  8. belly dancing


  1. Worked at ice cream parlor
  2. went to the public library and the LibrarySam didn't even say hi...!
  3. hung out with Mac
  4. returned movies to the video store (visit my movie blog here!)
  5. took a shower at midnight to get rid of the ice cream residue from an exploding peanut butter milkshake- in my hair, clothes, ears, nose... so very gross!
  6. Read blogs and started a new book
  7. watched The Secret Life of Bees
  8. Answered emails


  1. find a full time job
  2. Buy Mac a car and a guitar
  3. Lose weight effortlessly, or at least be able to have will power to eat right and exercise- stress and scooping ice cream sure don't help
  4. make Daddy-O not be sad
  5. play the guitar and sing with perfect pitch and learn to ballroom dance
  6. run a bed and breakfast
  7. drive a stick shift and be British (either at the same time, or separately)
  8. Marry AlaskaSam and have his babies
  1. Numbers
  2. Without a Trace
  3. NCIS
  4. Cold Case
  5. Law and Order: SVU
  6. Law and Order: CI
  7. Grey's Anatomy
  8. Sex and the City reruns
  1. steak
  2. pasta
  3. pastry
  4. shrimp (love them any way, especially on po'boys)
  5. cheese
  6. Krispy Kremes
  7. pizza
  8. bacon


  1. All of England (All of Great Britain, actually!)
  2. California to see Jas, Jewels and Alibop
  3. Paris
  4. Alaska
  5. Savannah, Georgia
  6. Ireland (again)
  7. Casablanca
  8. Italy (all over this time, rather than just Milan)
8 PEOPLE I’VE TAGGED: (and of course, this is optional! No worries if you don't want to do it! If you do, leave me a comment here please so I can come check it out!)
1. Jimmie Earl
2. Bragger (I can't remember if you said you hate these things or not! If so, sorry and skip it!)
3. Farrago
4. Prodigal Tourist
5. Shoe Goddess
6. Tense Teacher
7. American Honey
8. Anyone else who wants to be tagged!


Anonymous said...

Good lord. We must have been related in a past life! Shows and foods are about the same. I'd add Burn Notice instead of Law and Order: CI. Have you seen it?


Ty-Anna said...

Thanks for doing this, Great read!! and as I read the foods I paused and drooled a bit at the thought of "Krispy Kreme" which ours just closed down for good..they just don't seem to do well outside of the South.

Maggie said...

P- nope, haven't watched Burn Notice yet, but I saw it advertise. I think it's one USA network and that's one I hardly ever watch so I never remember it!

We're soul sisters! LOL!

Ty-Anna- thanks!

And Our Krispy Kreme closed as well. I about died... We can get them at a kroger store but of course they're not hot anymore :(

Beth Dunn said...

Alaska is beautiful. You would love it. Love your post! xo

Shan said...

I meant to tell you the other day that my husband and I totally think we were meant to be British! Ha! I have "all things British" on my profile description. heehee samesame

major difference: I'm totally conservative! :)

Maggie said...

Beth- thanks! And someday I hope to go to Alaska... someday!

Shan- I read lots of your blog and actually wondered if you were a Brit expat! LOL! (Did you see my post where I waxed poetic about my wanting to be British??? I hope I didn't offend too many Brits! LOL)

While I can be a real political creature, I usually try and avoid most political debates here as to not offend nor alienate readers. This is a place to have fun and be silly and drink virtual Cosmos and buy virtual shoes... and be silly- did I mention being silly? I love all things political but it's a good way to piss off people. Some other than my Grandmother Shrew always said to never discuss religion and politics at the dinner table... LOL!

Bragger said...

Sometimes I hate them, sometimes I don't. Tonight I don't hate them, but I'm too tired from bike riding. Remind me and I'll come back to it later. Instead, I'm shamelessly stealing the format from one of your blogs for mine tonight. You're welcome!

Shan said...

Maggie I thought the same thing about you (British expat) when I was reading yours. HA HA HA!!! It's rubbing off on us. We're slowly morphing and don't realize it...entirely. ;)

I'm actually pretty untravelled. I hope to change that one day but for some reason I implode with nerves at the mere thought of a far away trip. :}

Maggie said...

Bragger- I'll be sure to pop over and check it out- and I'll give you a reminder when you're back home! ;) And steal away- isn't the teacher golden rule- "don't recreate the wheel"?

Shan- OMG- you thought I was an expat! *doing the happy dance* Okay, I have to admit that is very cool! But I'm just a bloody American!

And if the imploding can be kept under control (The FAA would be totally pissed if you implode on a plane- do you know what that would do the Homeland security that day? We'd be on level orange!) since imploders are so not allowed on airplanes, you must must must go to Europe- oh hell, we should go together! :) Dublin and Milan, my big European travel destinations, were amazing. I can't wait to add more stamps to the passport- SOMEDAY!