Friday, June 12, 2009

Mac is right in a "wrong" way

I was going to write a big disclaimer about a words Mac used today prior to telling the following story but you know what? Instead I'm going to hope readers know by now, as an educator, certain words are never used in my vocab, that teen boys are just teen boys, and that Mac is actually a nice, polite kind kid, even when he sometimes gets lippy. So that's your preface and if offends... then I apologize. (I'm having a Denis Leary sick of apologizing for everything even when the funny is wrong, but still funny or ironic...)

I had the first day of the World's Largest Rummage sale today, which actually went rather well. Mac, for $20, agreed to get up at 6:30 am to help me haul tables, set out stuff, carry heavy furniture, clean, wipe stuff, and just generally do all the crappy work to help Curley and me out. And he did it with a smile, a sense of humor, and with enthusiasm and without complaint.

As he's carrying out a table he looks down and sees a cassette tape of Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits, marked for 50 cents. Mac, who respects all music but LOVES LOVES LOVES classic rock and true blues, says I should have to pay someone 50 cents to take it or $50 even, instead of the reverse. He also said only weirdos or gay guys or "retards" would buy Barry Manilow and I should just throw it in the trash. I gave him a dirty look about his language, he said, "sorry, just kidding." But we laughed and we joked and went on.

The sale starts and Mac goes in the house.

A lady and her son show up. I have no idea what the lady buys but the boy gets the cassette tape.

Later, Mac asked me if the Barry Manilow tape sold and I said yeah. I waited for it and then decided to tell Mac before letting him put his foot and mouth- I told him a mother bought it for her teenage son- Mac's mouth opens, ready to spout some witty sarcastic teenage axiom and I rush ahead and tell him that the teenage boy was severely mentally handicapped.

Dead silence.

Mac didn't crack a smile or say a word. But I know what he was thinking... because that boy knows better than to ever say "I told you so."

Trying to raise a politically correct teenager in a politically incorrect world,

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Curley said...

Thank you Mac for all your help. We never would have gotten it all set up without your help. You rock. And Mom, you have a very cool teenage son.