Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aches and pains

I love Icy Hot. I am now officially a HUGE fan of this cream. Because I am feeling old. Because I am feeling sore. I hate the smell but I sure can live with it because my knees, elbows, shoulder and ankles thank me in the morning.

I'm not used to being on my feet all day and working at the ice cream parlor is kicking my ass. I usually work with the owner which is good and bad. It's good that she leaves me alone and let's me do my thing since I'm an adult and she doesn't feel she needs to stay on me like she does when she has teenagers working. The bad side is she had back surgery about a month ago so she doesn't do much. So that means most of the orders fall to me to prepare- and I think I scooped about 100 cones yesterday afternoon. I worked a 6 hour shift and never sat down- hence my love affair with Icy Hot.

I know if I lost weight and exercised more this wouldn't bother me as much because I am out of shape. I've also never had a job that wouldn't let me ever sit down at all, even when I was waitressing I could cop a squat at times. But this is just go- go -GO all the time, even if there are no customers, there are dishes to wash and sticky messes to clean. And I think yesterday was especially ick because the air conditioner wasn't working so it was about 90 degrees inside AND outside yesterday. (Okay that has nothing to do with aching bones and joints but I thought I would just toss it in there for good measure!)

But hey, again, it's a job and I like my co-workers and I like the owners so it's all good. I just wonder if they would buy Icy Hot buy the case and keep it in the staff room for us, sort of like a staff bonus or something?

Stiff and sore,


Curley said...

And then I made you come and sit outside in the heat with me. I'm sorry. I owe you a great big one. Love you lots.

Maggie said...

Oh nonsense Curley- I would hurt and ache regardless!! And you didn't MAKE me help; I volunteered, you silly! And dinner was awesome! ;)

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Kate says, I want a pair of those flip flops!