Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dream a little dream of a B and B

I've been thinking about running a bed and breakfast for some time now. Please note I said run a B and B, not own. Lots of people, though, buy a B&B to run themselves, not to hire out a person to do it for them. And, well, I've never run a B&B so I'm not sure anyone out of the blue would just hire me to take on such an adventure- even though I know it's something I am more than capable of doing.

But lately it's brewing and simmering around in my head. Here in my hometown a beautiful bed and breakfast is for sale. It's been fully restored. It has 5 guest rooms with private baths, along with a living area, a dining room and a private apartment. Not to mention the 2 car garage, the fenced in back yard, the patio and hot tub and other things.

This place is gorgeous. It's in my childhood neighborhood, right next door to the house I grew up in, as a matter of fact. But it's a mightily wonderful house, a warm butter yellow, with white trim, lots of windows, a nice yard... and it would be perfect for me.

I can cook, contrary to the previous posts. I can bake, and I can clean. I could stay in the private apartment as my living quarters. I could do it. I know I could. I've read and read and read all about bed and breakfasts and running. I've looked at books and online. I've spoken to people who own them. I really think it's something I could do. I have ZERO financial ability to buy it myself, but I really think it would be an ideal job for me. I could create in the kitchen and have minimal socialization with others,. I could do this and write. It would be grand, a grand arrangement for me.

And with this particular home, I have two other ideas of things I would like to add to the bed and breakfast. There's a small room with a private entrance that could be a small used bookstores, just one room. I could call it the Book Nook, just a small corner room of the lower level of the home. I could have it open each day and just keep the books contained to the one room.

Another idea I have is to do high tea. Oh, scoff if you want and blame it on me wanting to be British if you must, but really, and guffaw that high tea would never work in a small Midwest town but you would be surprised. I would have high tea Monday thru Friday. I could cater to the ladies who lunch or do birthday parties for little girls. We have lots of rich bored housewives who would make it their new "in" thing to do. Book clubs could meet and have high tea when their featured author is British, the setting is British, or just any damn time they wanted! I could offer it as part of the service for guests, of course, but it could be open to the public for high tea. I would work the backyard into lovely gardens to sit and read or enjoy the quiet.

There are no other bed and breakfasts in my town so I would be the only one- the competition would be 2 chain hotels. I have marketing ideas to promote the shit out of a bed and breakfast. This town has a beautiful performing arts center so I could cater to the performers, business men, and tourists. This town does actually get tourists and visitors because of the historical aspect.

I even have an idea for a name. Since I have a fascination with England and Ireland and the bed and breakfast in question is located on the top pf a hill, well, I would love to call it after the wild English/ Scottish flower called 'Heather on the Hill.' Perfectly reasonable, especially if you know me.

Again, I think I would be the perfect hostess, the perfect proprietress, and it would suit me. I really want, want WANT to do this! I so want to do it. But... If only I had the money... if only... if only...

Sometimes it's all about the if onlys and the dreams,


Curley said...

What a cool dream. I KNOW you could do all of that. forgot the hotel they are renovating downtown, (and the group that is doing it seems to have limitless funds).

Ty-Anna said...

great ideas!

Jimmie Earl said...

Tho the hotel is reing renovated, there are a vast # of people who want the more private, intimate setting of a B abd B. I think a proposal should be sent to the owner of all the "up and coming" stuff in our town (you know of whom I speak.) He has his fingers in everything else. Who knows, he might back you by buying it and setting you up!

Maggie said...

Curely- I know. I was thinking about that place and i think a B and B could still fly just because I think there are some who prefer that over a hotel when traveling, but who knows?

Ty-Anna- thank you!

JE- good thinking! Kill 2 birds with one stone!

Jammmie said...

sounds lovely. I could do the tea thing. BTW, high tea is a sort of dinner/tea whereas "tea" is simply the classic 4 o clock tea time with scones and such to boot, etc.

Maggie said...

Jammie- I was thinking of doing tea time at first and then expanding to a high tea after being in business for a year...

Farrago said...

Three very important words... Small Business Loan.

The place is already renovated, so you wouldn't have to spend money on that. Some signs, some advertising, some purchases of furniture and china, perhaps, and you're up and running.

Talk to a banker. As a minority (woman) business owner, there might even be federal breaks and incentives to make it happen more easily.