Monday, June 15, 2009

Scooping ice cream can be tit-illating for 17 year old boy

I worked at the ice cream parlor the other night and it seems there were boobs everywhere.

First a woman came in and she brought her little granddaughters who were about age 3. The woman was probably in her late forties or early 50s. She was very pretty and had kept herself in great shape. She was well dressed and in no way was she slutty looking or even dressed like a slut at all- she was wearing flip flops, denim Capri pants and a shirt that was a tank top, but rather loose fitting. She looked really nice. I was working with a 17 year old high school super jock boy who said she was hot for a woman her age and he thought she was a "GMILF" (for those of you unfamiliar with that acronym, it means "GrandMother I'd Like to Fuck") So apparently she was good looking. She ordered ice cream for her granddaughters and when I handed her the first cup, she bent forward to hand it to the child and her blouse gaped and revealed her boobs. Bare and naked boobs. No bra. And it wasn't just a peek but nope, the entire boob, nipple, areola, the works. I called to the 17 year old boy to finish the order, under the pretense I had to use the facilities. After they left, he came running up to me in the back room, all excited because that GMILF wasn't wearing a bra and he could see her tits- which were HAWT, according to him. See I can be a nice person- I think it made his day.

Until the next boobilicious babe walked in the the door.

She was a young girl who was very very pretty. I think she was barely 20 years old and had a nice body and long dark curly hair. And carrying a week old baby girl in a car seat. The 17 year old boy and I were standing at the counter when she came in and I saw his eyes do a double pop, almost like a cartoon character. He thought she was hot and when she flipped the long dark hair back, she reveal, barely covered in a tiny tank top, two HUGE boobs, that were spilling out the top and the sides of her tiny tank top. Huge amounts of cleavage and just boob were everywhere. The 17 year old Boy waited on her and practically slobbered all over her.

After she left, he was going on and on about how glorious her tits were and he couldn't believe tiny girl like that could have such big knockers and how hot she was, even though she had a week old baby. Well, the woman I was working with (she and I have both had kids) couldn't help but laugh at him. We finally told him she was still lactating. He gave us blank looks, not understanding. Finally the other woman said, "Kid, her boobs were full of milk which is why they are so big." You could see the light bulb click on and the look that spread across his face and his full body shiver accompanied the words out of his mouth, "Oh dude, that is so gross!"

She and I were so evil...

That angel and demon on my shoulders both win,


Hecate said...

LOL, omg that was hilarious!

Maggie said...

Hecate--- thanks! these boys and their boobs... makes for great blog fodder!