Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seeing ItalianSam... is it a good idea?

The answer the the title's rhetorical questions is, "Oh, YES!"

I have a platonic friend- ItalianSam. Well, we're sort of platonic. Well, we are now, but we didn't used to be. A long time ago. Back then he was available, so I thought and was led to believe, and I was available. We were both younger (I was 26 and he was 46- yes a 20 year age difference) and we were adventurous. He was handsome, charming, very Italian, sexy, with a voice like melted chocolate, and intense eyes that could bore a hole through me. He was quite distinguished, with an edge, full of himself, and had a bit of swagger... he was just oozing machismo and moxie and ... well... he was hot. And he had this way of looking at me like I was the only person to exist on the Earth other than him. We met about 11 years ago and sort of 'saw' each other until he decided to reconcile and not divorce his wife. Uh, yeah. Did you just hear the brakes slam to a screeching halt?

After that we didn't 'see' each other unless it was to say a polite hello at a conference. Then I left that company and went on my merry little way in life. So fast forward to about 3 years ago and ItalianSam and I reconnected via the Internet and have been chatting via phone and shooting emails back and forth to each other all this time. Oh, we're flirty and fun but nothing pervy or porno like. We also occasionally remember our time together in the past in good ways... :ahem: He lives near Chicago and now that I'm back in the Midwest vicinity, we keep saying we should get together for lunch or something. There's never been a heavy emphasis of anything indiscreet on the 'or something'- just like lunch, dinner, coffee- that sort of 'or something'.

So now we have plans to meet next week, a week from today as a matter of fact. He has a business trip about an hour away from me so I'm going to meet him for lunch. Well, that was the original plan, but now...

Well, now we're going to meet and then if the weather is nice we're going to Michigan to a beach side resort town. For the afternoon. Together. To walk around the town and sight-see and go to the beach. And then come back to town and have supper. Together. Maybe see what sort of nightlife there is.

This should prove to be interesting...

Ain't misbehavin',


Shan said...

OH. MY. WORD! The scandal?! Sounds SO EXCITING--except for the part where you never mentioned if he was actually single this time. The internet can be very very good and very very bad. Be careful Bridgette Jones! There are a lot of Danials out there!! :D

Maggie said...

Shan---- well, you asked the million dollar question I haven't wanted the answer to- I don't KNOW if he's married or not. he hasn't mentioned being married or single and i haven't asked. So very Bridget Jones of me, I suppose.

Oh dear.

tho, when I found out years ago that he wasn't quite as separated as he let on and i threw a HUGE hissy fit about it and he knew where I stood, I dont think he would really try to initiate anything remotely romantic or intimate if he wasn't.

This could just be 2 friends hanging out and spending the day, having fun. No strings or anything, which is fine with me as well.

I'll keep you updated on the scandal!

Ty-Anna said...

Sounds like things were pretty hot and heavy at one time until the breaks had to be applied...reconnection after such a long time in person for an entire day. Be careful and make sure you get the specifics on his relationship status.

have fun :-)

Maggie said...

Ty-Anna: wiser words couldn't have been spoken... er, uh, well, typed.

thanks for the advice!

Honey said...

I remember the stories of this and recall the emails while you were in the Wild West and he wasn't quite 'single' then either. Hmm... makes me wonder if he really is this time. Be careful Maggie... you don't need anyone's wife 'hunting you down.'

But on the other hand, it could just be as friends and that would be great but given your history with him... Hmm.

I would just make sure to get the specifics out in the open before heading off to meet him ESPECIALLY his relationship status with his wife. Get the messy details out of the way and then enjoy the rendevous. ;-) xoxo

Maggie said...

Honey- thanks for the good advice. I've decided I'm going and not mentioning 'the wife issue' at all unless he tries to make things... romantic, for lack of a better word. Then I'll ask but until I get a read on whether this is just old friends hanging out and reconnecting or an attempt at rekindling, I'm just gonna be quiet.