Thursday, July 9, 2009

Retail Therapy Day 3- Clothes that fit

When I lived in the Wild West, the nearest store that sold plus size clothes was about 3.5 hours away AND there was no store- there were departments in other stores, but no specialty clothing store. So for three years I shopped at Wal-Mart. And while there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Wal-Mart clothes, it was different than what I was used to wearing and I shopped there for 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I do need a plus size but just barely. I have a small waist and wide hips and junk in the trunk. I've got boobage as well, so plus sized clothes just fit my boldly proportioned body better than others.

So when I moved back to Civilization, I was excited to have a chance to buy clothes would actually fit and I've spent hours trolling my favorite Lane Bryant store in Northern Civilization. There are 2 in that city but my favorite one is located in an outdoor mall. It's such a favorite that the sales clerks know me by name and love it when I come in. I've dragged Daddy-O on enough of these shopping trip that they also know him by sight.

First, I love Lane Bryant's clothes. Just because clothes can be made in a plus size doesn't mean they should be. And Lane Bryant realizes this, so they sell stylish clothes in great colors and lovely prints taking a woman's size into consideration. So I know when I go in there, i can find stuff to wear as a professional, to be casual, to work out, great jeans, perfect bras and jammies.

And speaking of bras, they just had their semi annual bra sale and I am now the proud owner of 7 new bras all with matching underwear, thank you very much. I love matching bras and pantie sets and though no one but me sees them (that's a post for another day, the loneliness of underwear viewing) I still like them to match and it makes me feel nice.

Lane Bryant also sells a name brand of clothing called Right Fit. These are pants (could have other articles but I have no idea) that are customed fit by a color coded system to fit the shape of every woman. These are the first pants in jeans and trousers that I've had in about 10 years that really, really fit just perfect.

I love the women who work at my favorite store. They are funny, sweet and kind. I walk in the door and they show me new stuff that's come in and couldn't wait to show me. They tell me when something I really, really want is going to be on sale, and have been known to tuck something away for me. My favorite clerks aren't afraid to tell me if an outfit looks good or is unflattering.

I love shopping at Lane Bryant and they sell clothes that fit with a friendly staff. OMG- I just love me a little retail therapy and I hear a pink sweater calling my name!


Hecate said...

We need to go to the outdoor mall. I think every time we've been there in the past it's been really fricken cold or snowing!!

I would love to see what it looks like when it's nice out!

Maggie said...

Hecate- next time we meet, i say we do it at the B and N there!

Our luck... it'll probably rain!

Hecate said...

I know. LOL But it's a date! Now if someone would email me her schedule, we could plan when! HINT HINT HINT!!!

Kelly G. said...

Y'know, I've been skinny, average, undoubtedly plus-sized, and right on the border. Clothes shopping was always beyond infuriating for me when I was somewhat in-between. Standard sizes were usually too small, and the plus-sized stores almost never carried anything small enough for me.

On top of that, I'm short, so pants have always been an issue, regardless of what size I wear.

I've been in Lane Bryant stores recently with friends of mine, and I'm extremely impressed with their clothes. Very stylish! And I'm glad that it sounds like they've finally got the sizing thing down. =)