Thursday, July 2, 2009

He could never be my enemy!

Since I morphed from my previous blogger persona into Maggie, many readers here at "shoes/purse" may not know the extent of my devotion to Johnny Depp. I am a fan. Not a wacko have his posters hanging on my walls at age 37 and write him fan mail sort of wacko, not a stalk him sort of wacko, but I am a huge fan. I think the man is talented and his body of work shows his vast talent and the fact he never sticks to a certain "type" of character. He's not afraid to take cinematic risks. I think he's made some crappy films, but I still think he is one talented man. And he's beautiful. Handsome. Sexy. Passionate. And well.... :ahem: I am a huge JD fan. So...

Last night was the opening day, or public premiere, of Public Enemies, the biopic John Dillinger film starring- OMG- Johnny Depp!

And this was a great film. I was impressed. Well acted, well shot, well... just well everything, except for 2 very bad lines of dialogue that weren't really "bad" dialogue, but really didn't fit the time period. Otherwise, this was a fabulous film. And I was thrilled that I went to the latest viewing which didn't end until 1am.

Americans are fascinated with gangster movies- we have an ongoing love affair with everything mobster. And this movie would just romance ya right to death. From the zoot suits and car running boards, to the Tommy guns and music, this movie had it all. It was a perfect period piece with lots of action, a little romance, and some perfect Johnny Depp.

This was also shot in high def video giving it sometimes a grainy handheld camera feel, which I think was apropos for the time period. Sort of gritty, which worked. Director Michael Mann made a good movie. Only in America do we take a man that J. Edger Hoover declared as "Public Enemy Number One" and walk out of the theater feeling sad about this demise. It could be because Johnny Depp was that Public Enemy, and men and women alike appreciate the actor, or it could be because it was just a great movie. (Depp is far better looking than real life Dillinger ever was!)

I have no idea how much artistic liberty was taken with the life of Dillinger in making this film. I don't know much about him, and that really didn't matter to me. Sometimes I just want to go see a film purely to be entertained and this did entertain me. Major stuff wasn't changed, I know: Dillinger is a bank robber being hunter by the FBI- led by Melvin Purvis (played by Christian Bale. Does this guy EVER smile? In real life even?). Dillinger did other bad stuff. They got him. Okay, that's true enough and all the filler in between? Well, let's say it makes a good story no matter what. This isn't research- it's a movie, for fun!

I know lots of people are panning this film, but I personally enjoyed it, recommend it and think there lots worse ways of spending 2 hours and 23 minutes.


Curley said...

I want to see this movie but unless you are will to take me and "suffer" through another viewing, I'll probably have to wait until it's out on video.

Shan said...

Oh he is so beautiful. I appreciate him entirely and feel the same way about his talent with playing different roles. I'm glad to see you liked it because one of my best gf's madly madly loves JD and there's no way we are going to miss this one with him in full sexy splendor. :D

Did you see his get up in the new Alice in Wonderland movie. He's the mad hatter....of course.