Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Customer Service

An example of very bad customer service:

A very sick person goes to the Wal-mart Pharmacy to pick up her prescription. She had gotten a box of Puffs first so she could pay for the medicines and the tissues together rather than stand in line twice since she was sick- and so sick anyone looking at her could tell she WA SICK. She arrives in front of the pharmacy counter and it's 6:01 pm. The pharmacy closes at 6 pm. The pharmacy tech. is lowering the gate to the pharmacy and says, as it goes down, "We close at 6." No sorry. No anything. Are you freaking kidding me? One damn minute? Really? It's three days later and I am STILL pissed about it!

An example of EXCELLENT customer service:

I went to Starbucks yesterday. I had a coupon for a "buy a tall cherry mocha, get one free." Well, Mac nor I were going to use it; I just had it in the bottom of my purse. So I'm in line and a person in the drive thru orders exactly what my coupon was for. I tell the barista taking orders there and gave the coupon to the random drive thru person.

Then I order my 2 drinks and 2 pastries. Then when I go to pay my ATM card will not work. But it was payday and I had JUST talked to the bank (on my cell phone in the parking lot of the Starbucks before I walked in the door) and the teller on the phone said I had money in my checking account, because my ATM card had just been rejected when I was at the mall mere minutes before.

The girl who was ringing me up at Starbucks was quiet and discrete when she told me my card wouldn't work (I don't think anyone in line even heard what happened as I was scrambling through my purse for cash. I was impressed that she didn't want to embarrass me). The manager, who had NO idea my ATM card didn't work, happened by at this time and said to me, "Are you the person who gave her free cherry mochas away?" I said yes. And do you know what the manager did?!?

She said I could have my drinks for free, BOTH of them, because I did something nice for a total stranger and she thought that was cool. I said thanks and the girl re-rang my stuff and my pastries were less that $5 which is what I had on me in cash. Problem unintentionally solved. The girl running the register winked at me and all was well.

Wal-Mart should take a lesson from the totally rockin' STARBUCKS!

Mocha lover,


Curley said...

I think you should contact the manager of the Walmart store and lodge a complaint and if that doesn't work then contact the Head of the Pharmacy (unless that was the one that wouldn't wait on you) or do both.

Evil Pixie said...

I love it when those moments happen... Or, I should say, those Starbucks moments. I had a sucky experience recently at Wal-Mart as well. I went to pay for my purchases with a credit card, and the cashier (who had all these tacky buttons and customer services "awards" on her vest) looked at my card, looked at the signature line in the back, and said "this isn't your card!" Actually, she shouted it. Then she said, "I need to call my manager." Why? Because I have a boy's first name. Incidentally, my photo is on the credit card. I quietly pointed this out and showed her my ID, all the while others in line are whispering and pointing (and I'm glaring back at them), but she still calls her manager over. Very loudly she says, "I think she took this from her dad." I was furious. The manager took the card, actually held it up to my face so she could compare the photo to me, then looked at my ID, and told her to run it through. I grabbed my card, told them to shove it, and walked out without making the purchase. I hate Wal-Mart.

TaDa said...

I would have stood there and raised as stink til the store manager came over.... but that is me... and I always get my way... LOL

Anna said...

Poor poor thing sorry you had such poor treatment at that pharmacy when you were noticeably would seem that they would hurry up and help you because they are in the business of helping people who are ill with their prescriptions. But maybe they shut down their system right before taking down the gate? No excuse for being rude.

How awesome! Doesn't it feel great to do something nice for a total stranger? I love it!! If their was a mess up with the card/$$ amount the machines often automatically put a hold on your card so even if you have money it won't go through it happened to me before and I was in wal-mart with a pretty hefty order! They suspended it and kept it in the baskets for me I called my bank and they lifted it right then and there and my card worked again :-)

enjoy the rest of your day!

Jimmie Earl said...

Do you really want to get the world started on WalMart? First they come into a town with their new shiny stores. They lower prices so much that the local guys can't compete and finally have to go defunct. Then, Wal Mart raises their prices, but since they are the "only game in town" they can get it now. This really pisses me off. I HATE going there, but in a town the size of ours, there is no place else to shop. No wonder lots of people go out of town. Besides, their service sucks, and their store is getting grubbier and grubbier. The workers bitch and moan about everything while you are checking out. I would think they would be glad they have a job. Again, I ask...are you sure you want to get your readers started on the subject of Wally World?

Maggie said...

The tribe has spoken and we all hate Wal-mart. Maybe I should send this link to their customer service department headquarters- or whatever they're called...

Curley- good suggestions!

Evil P- I would've been furious. How rude and inappropriate. My god, YOU need to file a complaint!

TaDa- please come visit and go to wally world with me!

Anna- I wondered about that, with the computers. I did. But I had called my script in and it was sitting there, ready since I had verified it was done so I could just go in and get it. At least she could've said a sorry. Or given my $4 antibiotic (not a narcotic) and ran it through the system in the morning since she's a lady who's known me my entire life and I had just talked to her on the phone an hour earlier when I called to see if it was filled!

And I thought it was nice to do something for a stranger!

And the whole direct deposit so it's there but pending thing always leaves me flummoxed.

JEarl- okay! you go! what you said- yea! Bitches.