Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maggie Trivia Mania Day 16

Click here if you haven't yet entered my all Maggie super PINK giveaway yet. Deadline is midnight on March 16 and the drawing is St. Patrick's Day! Please enter for the giveaway at the post ABOUT the giveaway. Click here to do that.

Today's Maggie Trivia: Tell me why you want to win! Answer the trivia in the comments section on this post please!

Thanks for playing, and GOOD LUCK!

The Maggie Trivia Rules:
  • One entry per person per day
  • All answers must be submitted via the comments section of the trivia post by 9:30 pm EST in the USA! Answers after 9:30 pm EST USA will not be accepted. Also, answers not submitted on the trivia post will not count.
  • Answers will not be published until after the deadline- no cheating!
  • Unless otherwise indicated, you must get all parts of the answer correct for credit.
  • I grade all answers and my decision is final. (Hmmmm, is there a teacher in the house?)
  • Rules are subject to change because... well, because I said so.
  • I'll post the answer in the comments section of each post!


TaDa said...

I want to win cause your giveaway is so girly! I love high heals/stiletos (which are a thing of my past since cancer ~ my feet are numb with neuropathy)... I also love the high heal you are showing plus the purple hat.. you can't get those in FL... however they have been needed these past few weeks! I love pink, heals, scarfs, hair prettys and just all the girly stuff.... dah surprise surprise .. I gave birth to three girls! Some day I will own a pair of stiletos were the bottom of the stiletos is all red (you see the movie stars wear them)... I may not walk in em... but I will have em!



Wiley said...

Actually, I am just having a blast participating. Pink is not really my thing (I know I terribly disappoint you, Maggie...) and well, I'm not even sure that, if I won, Australian Quarantine would let coffee in to the country (probably ok if it's roasted but they have this thing with seeds). So it's not that I want to stuff, I'm just having fun answering the trivia questions; because I'm a dork like that.

Oh yeah, and it lets me spend more time ruminating over whether the word verification thingy on the comments chooses words at random and then either misspells them or removes a couple of letters. Or if my mind just wants to add letters to make things more sensical...
As I say, I'm a dork.

Curley said...

Because I love pink also, I love tiaras and I love chocolate. Because I love you like a sister. This has been so fun.

Evil Pixie said...

Because even though I'm Irish and St. Pat's Day is tomorrow, I'm the most unlucky person on the planet. Seriously. I never win anything. I'm not sure if it is karma or what (and if it is karma... WTH?!?!), but luck just doesn't exist for me. Plus, I need a little more pink in my life.

Lilith said...

You want serious or truthful? I'll go with truthful, I want to win because I like the prizes.

Maggie said...

I LOVE all your answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kisses to you all!

Tomorrow, the winner!