Friday, March 12, 2010

Maggie Mania Trivia Day 12

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Today's Maggie Trivia: Name the three events I received free tickets to see from Eventchaser. Bonus: what were they supposed to give me tickets for and then didn't, leaving me heartbroken and disappointed around the holidays? Answer the trivia in the comments section on this post please!

Thanks for playing, and GOOD LUCK!

The Maggie Trivia Rules:
  • One entry per person per day
  • All answers must be submitted via the comments section of the trivia post by 9:30 pm EST in the USA! Answers after 9:30 pm EST USA will not be accepted. Also, answers not submitted on the trivia post will not count.
  • Answers will not be published until after the deadline- no cheating!
  • Unless otherwise indicated, you must get all parts of the answer correct for credit.
  • I grade all answers and my decision is final. (Hmmmm, is there a teacher in the house?)
  • Rules are subject to change because... well, because I said so.
  • I'll post the answer in the comments section of each post!


Anonymous said...

Green Day, Sherlock Holmes and I don't know... LOL

Wiley said...

Green Day, Metallica and the Colts (yay Manning!).

And I was just as bummed as you that you didn't get tix for the Radio City Rockettes :(

Curley said...

Tickets you did get were Green Day and Metallica concert tickets and tickets to an Indianapolic Colts game. The ones you didn't get were for Radio City Christmas Spectacular. You were extremely disappointed. So was I. Boo-hoo.

Lilith said...

You got tickets for: A Colts game, a Metalica concert, and Green Day (i think)

You were supposed to get tickets to the Rockettes but didn't. Which sucks cause you have always wanted to see them!

Maggie said...

Correct answers: Colts game, Metallica Concert, and Green Day Concert. And didn't get to see my Radio City Music Rockettes in the Holiday Christmas Spectacular! :(