Friday, March 26, 2010

Duh Maggie!

So I went to Mac's play and he was amazing, of course. And I was totally going to post a picture of him. Except I video taped his huge tea party scene on my digital camera and it's going to take about a million years to upload the video AND then get to the pictures. So, I guess Mad Hatter Mac will be on Sunday instead. And hopefully by then, Shan will have received my email and can explain to me how to upload video to "youtube" and I can post his scene in case anyone wants to see him in action! I am obviously technologically impaired, as we all know!

I'm also going to plug my participation in a food project. There's a marvelous blog called Food For Thought and the blogger take pictures of food she makes inspired by books she reads and posts it with the reviews she writes. She is AMAZING! And I gave it a try, and while I feel my effort was rather weak and lame, I still tried and made something I haven't ever before! So you can see my food for South of Broad (one of the best books ever written) and my foodie pictures tomorrow if you click here.

that's all folks!


Curley said...

Mac did a fantastic job. He was so funny. This play was pretty good for a High School production with no budget. Thanks for taking me with you to see it.

Shan said...

Did someone highlight my name? heeheehee

Er, I received no email but alas malady, I am techno challenged as well. What I do is use the video symbol beside the upload photo one. And then I only use short videos or it could kind of choke on it. It takes a few minutes to upload but it usually works. I keep meaning to learn how to use Vimeo or Youtube for better quality and longer videos but I have yet to do it.

I'm a pro at half-arsery round here! :)

We're going to need to see Mac in action though so next time take a shorter one (two minutes or so?) to give us a taste and also take a longer one. I'll ask hubby today and see how hard it is to do the longer ones.

Food eh? I'll check it out! :)

TaDa said...

you go girl

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

One of my favorite Pink Ladies are the Pinted Pink Ladies of Cape May, N.J.!! beautiful Victorian homes!

Maggie said...

Curely- thank you and thank you and you're welcome!

Shan- I think I'm gonna have to learn youtube because some people at school want to see him in action and I don't want them on my blog. AND because it's longer than 2 minutes. Damn it!

TaDa- thanks!

Debbie- nice addition...thanks.