Monday, March 22, 2010

After all, tomorrow is another day

Tonight Curley was going to help me make a new dress. I got the material and pattern over the weekend. We bought two sorts of material and she was going to walk me through the pattern one time then I could do it by myself the second time.

We have all the pieces cut out for one dress, and then we sewed have of the neck and one sleeve. Then her sewing machine DIED. Her oldest son, the Brilliant King of Computers, even took the foot peddle apart and it still didn't help. (This isn't the first time son had to operate on the foot peddle of her sewing machine; it's about the third or forth time.) So the dress, which we thought we could have finished in less than three hours, is just a lonely pile of material. I offered to take her to Wally World so she could buy a new sewing machine to finish my dress but for some reason that didn't fly. I brought the pieces home with instructions on what to do so tomorrow night I'm going to try it myself.

Then while I was at her house, the Brilliant King of Computers thought he could make a new icon for my blog. When you look at the line where thew world wide address is and where the orange blogger logo is, he put a pink high heel shoe. Right now you're all looking up there and there's no pink shoe. Well, it worked at his house on their computer but here at home all I have is a big orange B and no pink shoe. I have no idea where it went. Or why it went.

I would say that tonight didn't turn out all that great, but it was similar to the rest of my day! I think I might have neglected to say that I had a balance of $11 according to the bank but in my book I had a $100- I forgot to write down I paid my cell phone. And four students were sick and hacked and coughed all over me. And I had an overdue library book. And an overdue movie. And my car wouldn't start this morning and Mac was late to school and I had to call his Sperm Donor to give him a ride. I think that was all for a Monday; it was enough.

Manic Monday,


Curley said...

I have a pretty pink shoe. Maybe it only works on mine. Hope not.

Maggie said...

I think it's cool that you have the shoe! If I want to see it I can come to you! ;)

I even checked Daddy-O's computer and he had the big orange B.

And thank you for everything tonight- I had fun. Even though you cat didn't like me, your youngest son TALKED to me- I was amazed. heehee! Love you!

TaDa said...

No pink shoe here either.... what color is the dress Pink? tomorrow is another day maggie...


sam said...

Ummm, I have a pink shoe for you! Looks nice! Very cute.

Things will get better!


Lilith said...

If you need a sewing machine, I have one you can have. I bought it a few years ago with the grand idea I would become a sewing fool. Umm, yeah that wasn't going to happen. It's never been used. Well except for a friend to show me how to work it, which I can't remember. LOL

Maggie said...

TaDa- yes, it's pink of course!

Sam/P- you have the pink shoe? cool!

Lilith- YES I totally want to machine, please please please!!! and thank you thank you thank you!

Lilith said...

It's all yours! Now to just figure out when to arrange pick up! LOL

As for your cute pink shoe icon. I have your blogged book marked and when I go to that, I see the icon, but when I come to your actual blog it doesn't show up!

Thyda said...

I hope you had a better Tuesday and Wednesday and a wonderful Thursday coming your way tomorrow! :)