Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Art work

Boys will be boys and since Mac and his his friends are all boys, they do boy things. Like draw penises on each other's automobile dust. I cannot understand it; I can just relay this story. I also want to point out that Buddy 1 and Buddy 2 have their own cars, and Mac's car is mine, so I have to do a walk around the Malibu to make sure it's not the penis-mobile.

Mac and his friend Buddy1 love to irritate Buddy2 by drawing a penis on Buddy 2's car. The reason they LOVE to do it is because Buddy 2 acts like a baby and gets mad and is childish, making threats at them. If Buddy 2 would've just shut up and wiped the "art" (okay porn) off the car, Mac and Buddy 1 would've tired of it. Because Buddy 2 was totally incensed by them and made a huge 'issue' they kept on doing it. Because boys will be boys.............

However, yesterday, Buddy 2 crossed. the. line.

Buddy 2 keyed my car. There are several scratches on the driver's side. He also keyed a picture of a penis on. the. side. of. my. car. It is a small penis (hmmmmm, art imitates life.....?), about an inch long, but a penis nonetheless. Carved into the side of my car.

As a matter of fact, it's a very poor rendering of a penis. If you all looked at it, you could see "ah yeah, that's a penis". But if I hadn't told you what it was, you might not totally come to that conclusion. I will not even speculate about other things this "art work" would be.

Mac came home from school to tell me. I have to admit, while I was pissed about it, I wasn't stark raving mad nor was I yelling.

I called the school and told the principal the deal. I also understand this is not the fault of the school because they can't police 400 kids, their cars, the buses and such. I get that. I just thought it was inappropriate that it happened at all, and since it happened while MY car was parked in the school parking lot, they may want to address it. The Principal was really cool about it and said she will certainly take care of the situation, and she wants to know what happens after I talk to Buddy 2's parents. I don't want to be a complete bitch, but I did let the principal know that Buddy 2 sent Mac two text messages apologizing and offering to pay for the damages, but if he doesn't come through after I talk to his folks, I'll report it to the police for vandalism or destruction of property. She thought that was a good idea. I also suggested that while she dealt with Buddy 2 an art class or an anatomy class would be in order. She laughed; a principal with a sense of humor!

I spoke with my insurance agent who said if Buddy 2's family wouldn't pay, I could go through him and we would need to file a police report.

And Buddy 2 did send Mac 2 texts, offering to pay for the damage plus an extra 20% in cash to show an apology, and he did apologize. (Of course I won't take the 20% extra. I don't think, anyway.)

Then, of course, I had to call Buddy 2's parents. I couldn't just take the kid's word that he would pay for it since he drew a fricking penis on my car to begin with, and since I talked to the school, I'm sure his folks were going to hear about it anyway! And at the time of this blog post's publication, his parents have declined to comment. Actually, I left his mother a message on her answering machine and haven't heard back. Mac said he bet Buddy 2 erased it. So after school today I'll call his dad. I am NOT looking forward to THAT conversation.

Did I mention I hate doing stuff like this? This is so dumb. The entire time my brother and I were teenagers, my mommy and daddy were never called by parents to rat us out for doing stupid shit, nor did they have to call other parents to handle situations that involved other kids. Because we didn't DO stupid crap like this!! OMG- it's ri'dic'ulous.

The other sad thing... the poorly carved picture of the penis is as close to one as I've been for a year. Does this mean my car got laid?



Shan said...

OY! and Vey! Ohhhh, boys. I was watching my tween and his cousins just under his age playing on the playground together yesterday while wondering what conversations they'll soon have with each other.

I think you handled the poorly etched penis really well. That would be super annoying! :)

I'm trying to catch up again Mags. You post faster than I think!! heehee

Cheryl said...

At least you have a sense of humor about the whole thing. And, in the end, you do get to repaint your car for free.

Hope he didn't use himself for a model...

Anonymous said...

This truely sucks Maggie... let me know the out come.... kids

Curley said...

Boys may be boys and they may pull pranks for fun, but this wasn't funny. It was an act of vandalism. Plain and simple. If you can't get the parents to get it fixed, I say call the cops.

sam said...

Hi Maggie,

Is there a time limit before you can file a police report? Hopefully the parents do the right thing.


Maggie said...

Shan- you really do NOT want to know what conversations your boy will be having with other boys. Or girls. Or probably anyone. ;)

example: when Mac was 9 he wanted to know what blow jobs were since he heard it on the bus. He also wanted me to explain oral sex and bestiality.

Cheryl- gotta keep my sense of humor since I've already lost my mind!

According to the boys PE class rumor mill and Buddy 2's ex girlfriend, it was a self portrait.

TaDa- I'll certainly keep ya'll posted!

Curley- I plan on calling the cops if they don't pay for the damages.

sam- I don't know if there's a time limit or not. I have pictures and filled out paperwork with my insurance agent to be on the safe side. and mac saved the text messages Buddy2 sent him regarding the incident so I hope it's all going to be unnecessary.

Lilith said...

So I'm dying to know, did you talk to the parents yet? I applaud you for being calm because if it had been me I would have flipped out and I wouldn't have even thought twice about calling the cops.

I'm hoping his parents are going to agree to pay and not make this into some big ol' well he was just retaliating for all the harassment he's been through, blah, blah, blah!